Thursday, February 26, 2009

If I was a frivolous girl...

I don't really like wearing bracelets despite the collection I have in my bathroom. I think they look weird on my wrist because I have tiny hands. They are like cabbage patch hands, which means I rarely wear bracelets or giant rings- they looks funny and almost cartoonish. My small hand anatomy kind of makes me sad because I love fun bracelets especially charm bracelets, and crazy vibrant cocktail rings. I'd love a fun charm bracelet but I would never wear it so I don't have one nor could I justify the purchase. This being said, my interest was piqued today as I was perusing my litany of items on Google Reader and came across a wonderfully pretty thing:

from Tiffany.

I have two necklaces with similar charms but I had no idea how many charms they actually had nor did I know you could wear them on your necklaces. Now, if I was a frivolous girl, I'd considering buying a great deal of them to amass a giant collection of lovely charms. Especially the seasonal ones. However, the good accountant/economist in me knows better and takes delight in her orange savings account instead. But aren't they pretty?

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