Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get Down On It, Mad Money Style

A couple of weeks ago, Peter bought me a new toy to make the work day more exciting:
It is shiny and purple and I love it. I have to say though, it kind of makes me feel like Katie Holmes' character, Jackie Truman, from the movie "Mad Money". She's the girl "armed with an iPod" who walks around dancing and singing ("Put your hands up!") to herself while she works... or speaking obscure foreign languages in my case.

(This isn't really the best picture of her dancing away her doldrums but it is the best I could find. It wouldn't hurt to see the movie, then you could get the full affect. The story is quite entertaining.)

The office is far more exciting now even though I have to shut my door on occasion to practice my moves so I'm a cool as she is.


Janssen said...

I need to do some more random dancing with my iPod, I can tell!

cupcake said...

I highly recommend it. Makes the day much better.