Thursday, February 26, 2009

10 Things From Your Mom/Dad/parent's Kitchen

I was reading The Kitchn today when I came across a very endearing post about a mom's kitchen. The author took pictures of her 10 favorite things in her mother's kitchen and then wrote a little note saying why she loved them. Of course her reminiscing prompted me to consider what items I love in my parent's kitchen, however, I could only think of two items I love: my mom's cookie cutters and her Betty Crocker recipe book. Honorable mention might go to the ancient bean pot without a lid. This might prompt me to think differently about their kitchen the next time I shuffle through the cupboards.

Do you know what ten things you love about your parent's kitchen??

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kristen said...

i've loved this feature...i like when people do their own kitchens as well. there are so many special things from my mom and grandma's kitchen that bring back tons of memories for me. i've also given thought to what i want my signature/important kitchen items to be.

the funny thing is that i'm sure my mom and gram would be surprised about what i associate with them as most of the things aren't fancy or expensive.