Sunday, November 02, 2008

As Is

One reason why I adore Mr. Brownie Sundae is because he enjoys me just as I am and never tries to curtail my silliness. We went to the mall on Sunday to pick his pants up at Nordstrom and to use some of his (OLLLLDDDDD) gift cards. While perusing Restoration Hardware, I came across this glorious headband:

which I wore while we shopped. He ended up buying it for me, and he would have let me wear it all around the mall without judging or shaking his head but I refrained from embarrassing him. And when we got home, he made no negative comments when I put the headband on-lights and all (it lights up!)-and ironed the clothes while we played a game of Scrabble. I could wear the thing the entire year inside or outside the house and he wouldn't make fun of or laugh at me nor would he make me put it away. This is why I keep him around because he's pretty awesome like that.

I look forward to this holiday season.

(I will also think fondly of Ashleycita and the days we paraded around the streets of Ecuador in sparkly Christmas ball headbands Mrs. B sent me.)

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