Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My adventure with pumpkin ravioli

Yesterday, Mr. BS (hehehe) and I were discussing dinner plans. I volunteered to make Pumpkin Ravioli and he offered to make the Stuffed Chicken Caprese. I've worked with wontons before and I've made egg rolls before so I thought it would be comparable.

I made my grocery list, grabbed my canvas bags from Whole Foods (they were only 99 cents and are super cute. I was suckered by more marketing but at least it was good for the environment), and walked up the street to the store to purchase our dinner items.

There was an awkward moment in the Kroger when I had to ask the lady at the customer service desk where the wontons were and she happened to be Asian. Otherwise, all went well. I carried the items home and began my adventure.

In anticipation of the task at hand, I opened a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer and I dove right in. Instead of a real fleshy pumpkin for which the recipe called, I used Libby's canned pumpkin. One can is all you need if you are attempting this. I also used Parmesan and Romano cheese, which were already in the fridge because I couldn't find the Locatelli suggested in the recipe. Nutmeg was replaced with cinnamon because I thought there was nutmeg here. Mistaken kitchen identity is bound to happen when you've spent as much time in other people's homes as I have. Green beans sauteed in garlic and eeoo were the side dish. Thank god.

Every thing started smoothly. I learned the best way to stuff a wonton wrapper with filling is to use a little bit and then start on the longer edges making sure the flour sides are outside and finish closing the ravioli on the sides. I was proud of them until I threw the squares in the pot to cook. I knew it was going to be a challenge so I thought I'd use a little pot of boiling water and cook only five at a time. This did not work. Actually, it was a huge disaster that made me drink more and curse the recipe. Only two of the five survived. I adjusted my game plan by using the largest pasta pot in the kitchen which I could fill with the most water and in which I could let the raviolis float freely. This worked- kind of. I ended up really only blanching the suckers for fear they'd fall apart like the ones before. I was making a huge mess and cursing heavily when Mr. BS walked in talking on the phone. He made the comment into the telephone, "Guess what we're having for dinner?" to which I laughed and said "I am not so sure." I had thought about calling for pizza a 45 minutes before.

I should have asked him when he was coming home so I could have planned it better because they were kind of rubbery due to sitting in a warm stove for half an hour. I had him finish the cream sauce because I'd had enough and I needed another beer. So I left him to his phone call and went into the other room to play my turn at scrabble.

The raviolis were good but not worth the effort. The pumpkin filling was rich and flavorful but almost too much with the butter sauce. I could only eat like five of them, which kind of pissed me off after spending 2 hours in the kitchen. I think I am going to learn to make REAL ravioli and not wonton ravioli. I might not give up just yet...

then again, frying them might have been better...

So things are going really well.... if you don't mind quality entertainment and mediocre dinner.


Do I have to keep going by Mr. BS? said...

The pumpkin ravioli were AWESOME. Sorry they were a hassle to make.

(And so people don't think I would invite you to live in a home that does not have nutmeg, it is in the cupboard over the microwave.)

cupcake said...

I knew it! I thought you had some!! I can call you whatever you like.