Monday, October 27, 2008

Homemade Gnocchi

On Saturday, I had the wonderful privilege of homemade gnocchi lessons from my friend Kate and her step-mom. Kate picked me up around 9 a.m. and we traveled to her parent's house where her step-mom was awaiting our arrival for a fun filled day of gnocchi making. I do not have picture of the process (next time), so I apologize. Lots of potatoes were boiled, riced, refrigerated, rolled into dough using maybe four ingredients, refrigerated, rolled into gnocchi with a fork, frozen-during which time her step mom and I managed to drink a bottle (well, half a two liter bottle) of wine over lunch while the three of us were waiting. Lunch was an amazing pasta dish that made me excited to try our gnocchi. I had a wonderful time chatting and playing with pasta. I have to say, it is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I look forward to more of them. Once the gnocchi were frozen, Kate and I said our thanks and departed with our goods.

I do have pictures of the final product. On Monday night, I boiled the gnocchi, which took maybe three minutes, and served it with a hearty red sauce:

It was delicious and I was kind of proud of myself. There were leftovers so I ended up refrigerating them and pan frying them in olive oil the next day for lunch:

I wanted mine super crispy so I cooked them longer, which means they look very brown. Let's just say they were awesome.

I covered them with Parmesan cheese while they were still warm.

Voila! Some red sauce and I ate the entire plate and when I finished, I was a little bit sad there wasn't any more.


kristen said...

awesome. we LOVE gnocchi. in an unhealthy way. but i just normally buy it fresh from our local grocery. we've been contemplating making it from scratch. you've provided some inspiration.

cupcake said...

The recipe we worked with was from an Italian grandmother. Because we made such a huge quantity, it would have been difficult to do alone with the rolling and forming. If you wanted to make a lot, a party is definitely in order. It was super fun and rather simple.