Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Good Old Days

The other day, Slice of Pink had the "Face Time" campaign posted on her blog, which she borrowed from Good Girl Gone Blog. (And consequently, I've borrowed it from both of them.) I LOVE IT. I remember the good old days...I'm so glad I grew up without text messaging, facebook, myspace, instant messenger, and all the other technological crap that disintegrates real communication and conversation.

If you wanted to talk, you called the house line. If you had to tell your friends something, you passed notes. If you wanted to talk to your friend in the middle of the night, you threw pebbles at her window....it was all so authentic. There is nothing quite like a real phone call, a face to face conversation, or a hand written letter. This nostalgia is making me think maybe I'm getting old....

What a clever campaign.

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