Saturday, October 04, 2008

First Love 2006 Southeastern Australia Shiraz-Grenache-Barbera

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of dining with my friends, Whit & Linz. The food was organized by Linz and the wine was assigned to Whit and Me. We headed to the corner market where we both were seduced by the marketing of First Love Shiraz. The label on the bottle and the description:

"Rich, lush and seductive. Seriously tempting!"

plus some notes about berries, convinced us to include it in our dinner plans. I can be a sucker for clever marketing in some instances depending on the product. This was too clever to overlook. Usually, I find Shiraz a bit sour and tart, but I have to say we were all surprised by how delicious this wine was. It wasn't too sweet but the hints of berries were enough to take the edge off. The best part was Whit only paid $10 for the bottle.

Definitely a wine to keep on hand for nights with friends.

(As soon as my box of cds comes, I can show you the pictures of the labels I took.)

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