Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Reasons Why I'm breaking All My Personal Rules About Boys and Moving to Michigan...

I've been waiting to type this up and post it for weeks now but wanted to make sure most people didn't find out my current life plan via my blog. I apologize to those I haven't told yet who are reading this and finding out for the first time.

So, Miss Cupcake is moving to Michigan to be with Mr. Brownie Sundae. Turns out she adores him and he kind of likes her too. She's very excited the "who" and the "where" have been sorted out so she can focus on the "what" and the "how" and can start saving for vacations & wine.

To answer the questions about the story of Mr. Brownie Sundae and Miss Cupcake, I think it is easiest to just say it all started one night in July a little over six years ago at a diner with ... ta-dah! a brownie sundae. The in-between was complicated, messy, and is difficult to explain. Frankly, I don't know how and don't think it's important. What matters is the here and now. I said yes and am packing my bags because he makes me laugh - like the belly hurting kind of laughs - a lot. We always have fun together, and he is the only person who indulges my ridiculous questions. He can tell by the sound of my voice whether or not I will be awake all night or if I'll fall asleep the second we get off the phone. When I told him I wanted to buy the Crayola Telescoping 50-Marker Pip Squeak Tower but bought the 16 pack instead, he looked at me and very seriously asked why I didn't buy the tower. And when I got my manicure at the Swissotel Quito (for only $10!), I immediately found a computer to tell him they had Fireflies polish by OPI. His response was "oh boy did they make that for you or what?" instead of something scornful. We have egg rolls, cheesy salsa, beignets, and onion rings to prepare and devour. There are pumpkins to carve, apples to pick, candles to make, vacations to plan, movies to watch, books to read, and there is wine to drink. The list grows and grows every day in our excitement. Saying yes was easy because the thought of indefinitely finding comfort in the nook of his arm & shoulder makes me smile and because of the way he looks at me.

Sometimes you just wake up and smell the frosting. I look forward to all the fun filled adventures to follow.

"life is a b movie
it's stupid and it's strange
a directionless story
and the dialogue is lame
but in the he said she said
sometimes there's some poetry
if you turn your back long enough
and let it happen naturally
oh, yeah
hell yeah..."
~ ani difrano, 'hell yeah'


kristen said...

Sounds fun....and exciting. Love it!

cupcake said...

Thanks. I agree. YAY!

pozzi said...

I recently heard the news from Mr. Brown Sundae himself, and I look forward to double dates in the future. My wife transplanted from out East and so you two can hopefully share your "MI-outsiders" experiences.

Ross Douglas said...

There goes my reason for living...

Congrats to you both hun, should he ever hurt you let me know and I'll feed him his own cojones.

cupcake said...

Worry not mi amigo, I think you'd like him. I still plan on sharing stories and beers with my favorite Scotsman at your pub. I'll even bring a lovely friend.