Saturday, September 13, 2008

The "Film" is still developing...

Lately, I have been kind of sad because I feel as though I am forgetting Ecuador. I spend my days alone looking for a job and a way to make my new life happen as quickly as possible and in this process the past year is eluding me. My friend Ross assures me the "film" is just taking its time to develop. I certainly hope that is the case, yet I cannot help but feel twinges of melancholy at the loss of those memories or the ease with which they have seemed to vanish. Then I had a dream Ashleycita and I were riding the Trole at midnight, which would NEVER EVER happen but it was my first dream about my trip since I've been home. I woke up feeling somewhat relieved I actually remembered the public transportation in my former city. In an effort to latch onto the fleeting feeling of Ecuador in my heart, I found two Latin radio stations on Sirius radio I happen to LOVE. I heard a song constantly played at my favorite Internet cafe in Quito and nearly started crying I was so happy. More and more strange instances have occurred this week that have helped me keep my yellow, red, and blue alive: I received two emails from former students. Joelcito sent me an email from Quito. I talked to Brookie. Sly sent pictures. I talked to Ashley who happened to be hanging out with Katie and Sarah so I was able to reminisce with those girls too. The small events posing as reminders are slowly igniting the pictures in my mind. I can see snippets of my former life, which is enough to send a cool relief breeze over my worrying mind. It's there. Somewhere.

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