Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Bad Habits Currently Invading My Life

I kind of feel like a refugee. That comment is exceptionally ignorant, but I cannot think of another way to describe how I feel. Like the only thing I have is the people in my life. I've spent the last 25 days traveling about the country spending countless hours alone during the day in my friends' houses. All of this time by myself is not good for my re-entrance into the American world. I haven't had to integrate at all yet and that scares me a little. The ample structure-less space making up my days has allowed me the unfortunate ability to develop some startling new habits I am trying to zap:

1) For awhile there last week, I was eating Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips for breakfast. I don't even know how to explain this.

2) I currently need a Whatchamacallit candy bar every day. Or at least something comparable. Yesterday it was french fries fried in duckfat from Duckfat. Again, unexplainable.

3) I stay up all night and sleep until 10. This is not going to help me transition into the Career World if I ever get a job.

4) I ate an entire green bean casserole today. I am very glad I made it with reduced fat cream of mushroom soup. So much for fat girl Sundays... they are now creeping into every day. I might put an end to the poor nutrition today before I hit the pavement for a run.

5) My ability to keep track of time has vanished ~ completely dissipated. I have no idea where my days go or what I do with them because I have absolutely nothing tangible to show for them. And they are passing extremely fast.

6) Reading books used to be an afternoon affair. Now it takes weeks to read one book. I would blame it on the non-fiction I am reading but it might be more fair to say I am a slacker.

7) I've developed the uncanny ability to feel two distinctive emotions opposite each other on the spectrum at the same time: genuine excitement and heartfelt sadness.

8) Whenever my bank account shows the numbers only to the right of the decimal, I just close my eyes and pretend it will get better. Somehow magically overnight, three places to the left of the decimal appear. Some would call this a blessing, but I just think it is another notch in the IOU spreadsheet.

9) I bought a magazine, Psychology Today. Don't judge or be mad. I had hours to kill and it was about personality. I couldn't help myself. But it was only that one and I totally forgot about it until I found it in my L.L. Bean back pack today. Oops.

10) I am a food nagger. Mr. Brownie Sundae and my parents are serious victims of my food nagging. I only do it because I care but tonight I realized I am a hypocrite (see one and two) and no one likes a nag. At least it is the only thing about which I nag. I think.

I know there is more but I cannot find my notebook. Besides, I think this is enough for today. I have to say though, one perk of all this traveling about the country is I get to explore everyone's iTunes. I have half a notebook full of new music to be downloaded on the computer I hope to get as soon as I get a job.

P.S. In case you were wondering, I have awesome friends.


Shesabigstar said...

Dude. If you were going to make a green bean casserole, why didn't you do it on Sunday? At least that way we could have both devoured it together!!!

cupcake said...

It is because when I was looking for something to eat yesterday, I found my 1 lb bag of green beans in the freezer, which gave me the idea. I also did not need to leave the house to get the rest. I'll make us some before I leave but I think we each should have a our own casserole pan, right?

Shesabigstar said...

Lol, random but I'm pretty sure your frozen peas are still in my freezer...and I've moved twice since you left!