Friday, August 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Miss Virginia

Virginia Woolf once wrote:

"A woman must have money and a room of her own..."

Lately, I cannot help but believe this is the smartest thing anyone has ever said. And I know she wasn't talking about a bedroom, kitchen, or shared den/computer room. She was thinking about something along the lines of a private corner on the second floor... yet at this point, I might settle for the attic (or a pseudo corner in the basement). In my mind I am currently sketching a portrait of my room: a nice shade of red or even better the turquiosey color Meg and I love that is kind of the color of Jefe's waffle shirt, which I tried to steal for nearly 6 months. Slowly, I am putting together all the pieces and items with which I would surround myself from the furniture to the books & pictures and the word wall next to the desk, a project corner with a nice functional piece for organization, music, plants, the language corner, a chaise lounge...oh la la... If you thought Miss Cupcake was a hermit before, just imagine Miss Cupcake in a room of her own. The raw sketch alone is enough motivation for me to make it a reality even if it means I might have to whore myself to my loathed second (bonus) degree (temporarily). Gross. & that is saying A LOT.

(Gosh, I am getting demanding with a room of my own & a pumpkin kitchen!)

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