Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Twilight Zone of The Middle of Nowhere New England

Now I know who is reading all this garbage, I feel like I can be more honest and open with y'all.

So I've traded wandering the streets of Quito in search of a snack with Ashley to driving around the middle of no where with my dad. I eagerly wait for him to get up so I can actually leave the house, which is my only form of excitement. I haven't driven in a year and have not been allowed to operate a motor vehicle since I've been home. Peter offered his car for me when I visited him but I thought better than to start with a non-family member's prized possession. My dad thinks I might need to go to a parking lot to practice before I hit the roads. My desire to drive is zero so I am not too concerned about it for the moment.

Once dad gets up, we go get the mail at the post office, do some random errands, and then usually get food. That is it. I currently spend my days talking about the Red Sox and their big trade, the stock market and price of oil, the repairs the car needs, the repairs the explorer needs, the porch we're suppose to paint when the rain stops, the gutters the house needs, the rooms that need switching, the wood needed for the wood stove and why Lowe's is better than Home Depot (which is a big deal for me considering my former opinion of Lowe's). Our entertainment is driving around town despite the hefty $3.79/gallon for gas. We get in the car and drive through car lots because dad is considering trading in his large gas hog explorer. We stop at Home Depot to see if the wood stove he just bought is cheaper there than it was at the local store. We look for ideas for my parent's house at Lowe's. We check the prices for water pressure cleaners, door racks for closets, try to find Coca-Cola Zero, take the car to the shop for tires, and search for the best canister vacuum cleaner that will make my mom happy. My current personal pursuit (aside from getting a job and a life) is the perfect shade of pumpkin to paint my future kitchen, if I ever get one. My parents refuse to let me paint theirs (and claim no one else would let me either), but my dad said I could paint the extra bedroom pumpkin if I wanted to stay here. I told him I have my heart set on a pumpkin kitchen (and finding a place to live not in my parent's house). Do not ask me why because I don't know. I would like a pumpkin colored kitchen. I learned yesterday Home Depot does not have good shades of the fun vegetable, in case anyone was wondering.

There you have it. My life in a nutshell for this week. Productivity has escaped me and I fear I might never lead a normal life again, but I am working on it. Recommendations and suggestions welcome. Until I figure it out, you can find me hanging out with my dad in search of the perfect telescope for our new hobby: Astronomy.


Ross Douglas said...

Garbage? I disagree.

Thanks for letting me be one of the select few Rach. It may not mean a lot to you but to me I see it as a great compliment.


cupcake said...

You are welcome friend :) It's a pleasure to have you around. I look forward to enjoying a nice pint once I get across the pond.

Ross Douglas said...

Bear in mind two things when going drinking with me...

1) I run a bar.
2) I'm Scottish.

This means I'm predisposed to being a heavy drinker. (I'm a happy drunk though so no worrys)

cupcake said...

So I can sit in the corner and chat while you attend to the other drunkards? I can't wait to visit Scotland. Please do tell me you have decent pub food?