Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Madness

When I was a child, I watched the Olympics in awe of the athletes' sheer excellence. My unwavering viewing lasted until 2000. I skipped the 2000 and 2004 games because I was preoccupied with college and the year aftermath. However, I have nothing better to do this year so I have been watching all of it, and I am not just talking the much debated must see events, but pretty much every event they've shown on the ten different channels including El Salvadorian tennis. The rain hasn't helped pry me away from the screen either. I know I should be spending my time productively like the rest of America-maybe even looking for a job-but I have no motivation to do so. Why would I leave the excitement of Michael Phelps (oh whom I have a small crush)? Who knew swimmers were giants? My ex-boyfriend was a college swimmer and he was no such thing and we all know I prefer taller men. How exciting was the relay win against France? And who knew there was gossip in these pseudo-celebrity lives? I love good French gossip! Manadou and her Italian swimmer ex-boyfriend's scandal. Oh LA LA! The press does not take it easy on these stars either. And the Women's beach volleyball team?!?! Hello can I join your gym because I want to have a rocking bod like that. And I thought I was doing well with my running and ten lb shed. I might start working on my muscles now for sure because there might be hope for me in karate. No? I have to live vicariously through someone, it might as well be Olympians for now.

After watching the unreal opening ceremonies, I find it nearly impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. Fireworks, flashlight drummers, moving box people, just spectacular. Almost like something out of "Fantasia". Maybe I am just a little emotional at the sight of the American flag and the sound of our national anthem. I'm ok with it. This year they mean something different, which is probably why I cannot stop cheering.

(pictures borrowed from Google Images)

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