Monday, August 18, 2008

My People

I miss my people. All of them. I miss having my friends always around me from the World Teach crew-Ashley, Brooke, Joel, Liz, Jefe, Polo, Irina, Indira, Pete, Katie, Marco, Megan, King Jaja, Sly to Linz, Andrew, Whit, Allie, Lo, Mikie, Matty, and Erin. Let's not forget all the Steeles or Johanna or Megan, Kate and my sister. The list goes on and on....I miss being able to pick up the phone to organize lunch, cards, pizza, or dancing all within a half hour. I miss walking to El Jardin and waiting for it to open with Ashleycita. I miss drinking two for one Maracuya margaritas at Butterfly with Joel. I miss dancing at Hot & Sweaty with everyone. I miss playing cards for hours on end while eating popcorn and gossiping. I miss Thursday night tv nights at Whit's with Allie. I miss dinners at Linz & Andrews and Lo & Mikie's. I miss sitting on the couch at Bethy's. I miss making breakfast for Dan & Kristin. I miss SotEotB hugs from Mr. Brownie Sundae. I miss being able to see my friends and hang out with them. I have never before been so far away from people I love. The hardest part about coming home has been the lack of interaction with the people I hold near and dear. I spent one month traveling throughout the U.S. to visit those I adore only to end up in the middle of nowhere without any way to spend time with my people.

Coming home has been more difficult than I thought it would be. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do and all I can think of is the following:

I would like to find a job I like. Every morning when I get up, I want to feel good about where I am going. I want working to be enjoyable and challenging. I would like a job with which I can live. I would like to entertain my friends on my patio where we can hang out and have fun. I want to do this with the man with whom I am going to spend the rest of my life in our little corner of the world. I would like to take vacations and spent my time discovering the world with friends and my partner in crime. I would like to have traditions and lots of fun. I'd like to drink delicous drinks, eat amazing food, and be part of a community. I would like to get my life in order on my own time and on my own terms. Fortunately this time settling is not an option. Now that I am home, I feel even more far away than I did in Ecuador. I hope that doesn't last long.


Shesabigstar said...

What did you tell me the other night?! steps my dear, baby steps.

cupcake said...

Yes I know, but up here in the woods, I am feeling forgotten lately. And kind of lost.