Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magazines and Organization

I was greeted with one year's worth of mail when I arrived home. I've only seen half of it to date because my aunt is holding the rest and I haven't had the pleasure of seeing her yet. The first half took me 1.5 hours to sort through and included more than 20 magazines. I have read most of them and decided Real Simple pisses me off. I know this might seem ridiculous but I am being sincere. I used to love this magazine with it's great photography and inspirational stories and quotes, but then it became riddled with advertisements and these new weird still-life paper doll like photos lacking in liveliness. My first encounter with the magazine upon return left me with such disdain I haven't read one since. All these women complaining about how they cannot get organized with all of their stuff. I have a word of advice for you women: GET RID OF ALL YOUR USELESS S@&T AND STOP BUYING IT. Simple enough. One lady just buys containers to fill. I was so appalled I wrote a letter in response to the article. Really ladies? Stop consuming and then you'll need less organizing. I know this is easy for me to write because I currently own nothing but clothes (in suitcases) and books (in containers). Have no residence of my own, no rooms, no car, no furniture (except my handy college desk), no appliances, no dishes except hearty wine glasses from Columbia in which you can fit your entire face and with which I will never part- I own nothing to organize except reading material, and hang out in my dad's den and my mom's kitchen which are already stocked from 20+ years of marriage, but I also know you can live without all that stuff and all those containers. It is possible and you will not suffer. In fact, you might be happier. Meaningless issues like organizing too much stuff make it easier and easier for me to break up with magazines.

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