Sunday, August 10, 2008

It all started with with phone calls to the landline

My most recent temporary residence is my parent's house. While this new town and new house are more my sister's scene, my friends are still mine. I knew I was going back to the past when my parent's telephone started ringing for me and when I picked up to return the call I already knew the number by heart. I didn't even have to glance at the caller id. I am one of those people who is still friends with all of her friends from high school. And not just the one or two best friends, but most of the people with whom I haunted the halls of the orangish outdated brick building many years ago. Last night, a group of us got together to celebrate Miss Politics' birthday. Our first dilemma was getting to the party. We didn't want to have to drive so after a few seconds of contemplating a bright idea flashed and I asked my dad. We've now reverted to pre-license days. He kindly agreed to bring me to the shindig and to grab my friends along the way. First stop was Whit's house. She was ready with her "green" party bag of frosty beverages. Next pick-up was my sister's ex-boyfriend from high school whom my family still happens to like. He was two houses up at his aunt's. He hopped into the explorer with a case and said, "Who feels like they're in high school?" My dad just laughed at us and delivered the trio to the door step of Miss Politics'.

I have to admit getting out of the house was very nice and especially when it involved going to such a lovely party. Being surrounded by people you've known for more than a decade and who know the quirks of your family help make evenings entertaining at least. There was an outdoor fire, delicious food, new friendships budding, and a wild dance party once the civilized people had long gone home to bed. The night ended with a phone call to my dad at 2:10 a.m for a ride home. He happily picked the three of us up and returned my friends to their respective homes. Of course he found all of us very humorous, especially when one said, "Don't worry Mike, I threw up before I got in the car." Just like old times.

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Allie said...

LOL! I love the throw up line...classic!!