Friday, August 22, 2008


This show is about a spy, Michael, who was "burned," otherwise known as fired from being a spy. He is on a quest to discover who outed him and takes his ex-girlfriend, Fiona, and his dear friend and FBI trail, Sam, along for the ride (both of them are secret operatives too). He can't get his life back together until he finds out the details of his burning. While on his mission, he spends his free time helping civilians settle the dilemmas they cannot have the police settle for them. 'Burn Notice' makes for some high quality entertainment. I am beyond OBSESSED with this show. I love everything about it and think maybe I have crushes on Jeffrey Donovan and bad ass Fiona. Each hour long viewing is full of action, humor, and interesting stories; not to mention cool spy tidbits. I am more and more impressed each week I continue to watch the second season of this series.

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