Thursday, August 14, 2008

Automated Customer Service

I HATE AUTOMATED CUSTOMER SERVICE LINES. I WANT TO TALK TO A FREAKING PERSON. Seriously people, when I call about my loan, my magazine subscription or anything else pertaining to my personal life, I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MACHINES. I ALSO DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO A PERSON FROM INDIA WHO DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH VERY WELL. If I was living in India and spoke Hindi, then that would be an entirely different story. BUT EVERY TIME I CALL TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING WITH THE SALLIE MAE PEOPLE, I GET SOMEONE WHO NEVER UNDERSTANDS ME AND I NEVER UNDERSTAND THEM. While I am happy we are providing jobs to people living in third world countries, it does not make me happy to have to ask the lady or gentleman to repeat herself or himself 10 times because I have no idea what (s)he is saying or that (s)he has to ask me five times to repeat myself because (s)he has no idea what I am saying. You people are REALLY REALLY PISSING ME OFF to the point where I am writing letters to my Congress and Senate people and your customer service departments. I am not someone you want to piss off right now. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PEOPLE TALKING TO PEOPLE!!!!!?!?!?!? This is why I like Geico. You always get a person. Should I ever buy a car again, that is one phone call I'll be happy to make.


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Dowdi said...

I'll definitely sign that....that ROYALLY pisses me off too. And I always end up feeling like a discriminatory asshole bigot cause I get pissed off at some foreigner for their lack of mastery of the English language. But seriously, it takes so much longer to get crap done when you have to try to interpret someone's broken English. When I moved back east from Utah....I kept my account with Wells Fargo Bank in Utah solely because when I would call Customer Service, I would get a very pleasant, polite American.