Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The strangeness that has become my life

I woke up this morning with a ginormous hand gingerly settled on the curls on top of my head and a large and rather crazy cat perched on my behind eagerly watching the window shades waiting to pounce. Slight deja vu crept in until the jukebox in my mind suddenly began to play a Cowboy Junkies track and I realized I was a long way from 22 and even further from Quito.

In the last three weeks, I have traveled through two hemispheres, two continents, two countries, and either via train, bus, plane, or automobile, through more than 11 states. I have also seen more than 30 friends and family members, stayed in at least six different homes, and helped with one bridal shower. The one thing that has astounded me the most is how nice everyone has been since I've returned. I graciously thank you for trying to make this easier.

BigStar put it best when she said, "You must miss your people." I do, but it is nice to have the rest of you back.

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