Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Julie & Julia" and how food makes amazing therapy

The other day I read this lovely book, "Julie and Julia," which is about a slightly neurotic woman who desperately needed a purpose to her life. She found some reprieve from her general dissatisfaction in Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Mrs. Julie spends one year making every single recipe from Mrs. Child's daunting cookbook. The way she described her mission was hilarious and delightful. I found her sheer bluntness and sometimes graphic explanation of her life while cooking somewhat endearing and charming. While I did not always like her as a person, I definitely cheered for her to accomplish her nearly impossible goal. I think I was a fan because I could relate to her needing it, as three years ago I found solace in my kitchen with a bunch of Cooking Light magazines and a roommate brave enough to indulge my madness.

That being said, most could find something of merit from this book so I recommend you check it out. A weekend is probably all it will take to dive in, which makes the story great for summer.

You can check out her blog Here where there is also a link to her project blog.

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