Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fútbol a.k.a. Soccer

Thanks to my host dad and my lovely Ecuadorian friends (aloha Alex y Xavi), I have been introduced to the world of fútbol. It would be nearly impossible not to be a fan of La Liga and Ecuador while living here. I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing Liga nearly win the Libertadores Cup (one more game to go on the NIGHT before I leave, yay!) and watching Ecuador do a decent job against Argentina and Columbia. I even bought two jerseys today for the two teams I hope to proudly wear around wherever I go. My only previous knowledge of soccer was going to games in high school, which was really to see and be seen. I have to admit, I have become quite the fan and can't wait for the next game. I might have to convince my dad to order ESPN en español so I can watch the games throughout the coming year. WOOHOO, GO LIGA!!

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