Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Final "To Do" List Recap

Final Review....

1. Eat ceviche - King Jaja and Brookie took me July 1. Delicious
2. Finish my picture project - I've taken more pictures on my return than I took in the first three months in Ecuador but I did buy a card before I left and did the best I could.
3. Salsa Dance until I cannot walk - DONE Completed on three separate instances last week. -Went with Brookie the last Friday in Quito. Awesome. I cannot wait to go back.
4. Finish all the book and Spanish magazines in my room - Books are done & might bring magazines home. Magazines are currently in a box ready for me to mail to myself tomorrow from the Lancaster, PA post office. Can't win them all.
5. Shop for my "to buy" items I would like to bring home - Bought some earrings, La Liga jersey, and an Ecuador jersey...waiting for my paycheck for the rest. Finished the Wed before I left. Still didn't get some items but that is for the return vacation.
6. Learn the secret of Cyrano bakery - Considering French pastry school... I will get to this eventually.
7. Visit the only museum I haven't seen in Quito yet, Of course I have forgotten the name Saved for vacation.
8. Visit El Jardin Botanico en Parque Carolina Saved for vacation.
9. Lose the 10 lbs I gained - I can take care of this when I get home. This makes me laugh.
10. Get my last $10 manicure at the Swissotel - HooDoo VooDoo is calling my name - Spent the money on Liga y Ecuador jerseys instead. I think a fine trade.
11. Eat sushi at Tonoshi - apparently it is the best - I can eat sushi at home.
12. Conquer my 6,000 Spanish word book - Jefe refuses to return the book so I might not do this Gave this book to Polito as my going away present. Oh how I will miss him. He was a good student.
13. Play Canasta with Ash, Brook, and Jefe until I get my fill - played with Jefe today. Teaching the Steele clan tonight so VIVA CANASTA!
14. Visit the donut lady in Old City one last time -See number 9. Skipped this one.
15. Return to Cuenca for Ella time and arepas - Ella and I made a date for a Minneapolis visit.
16. Hit the only two beaches I think I will like here - I am sick so no can do. I always get sick at the beach here. Gross. Spending August at the beach in Maine. Wicked better.
17. See blue footed boobies in Isla de la Plata - see above -Saved for vacation.
18. Go to the dentist - going on Monday. - Went on June 30th. I paid $100 for a cleaning, "consultation", and a cavity filling.
19. Learn to make my Ecuadorian favorites - buying a cookbook- any idea where I can buy a cookbook?
20. Plan my return vacation to Ecuador but not as a volunteer and with spending money. - Done. Let me know if you want in.

7 out of 20 isn't bad. Such is life.

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