Saturday, May 31, 2008

"What will you do...?"

Every one keeps asking me what I'll do when I get home. All I can say is the following:

My first serious order of business will be a haircut considering I haven't had one since August of 2007. Next, I will buy new sneakers, preferably gray and purple New Balance or Adidas cross trainers. Ten new pairs of Victoria Secret underwear are in order, too. They were the only brand to survive my time here. Call it extravagant, I don't care. You didn't wear the same twelve outfits for ten months straight. Nor did you live off $200 a month as well (when you got paid). I am also going to buy five new bras. Go ahead, keep judging. I'll refrain from commenting on your luxurious lunches while I ate chicken and rice nearly every day.

In addition to the above, I will buy enough Burt's Bees products to fill Mr. Brownie Sundae's second bathroom for two weeks, which he will so graciously allow me to turn into a deluxe mini-spa in July. I plan to take lots and lots of baths.

After I've made myself feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed, I am going to settle down with a mixing bowl full of blueberries and a quart of reduced fat chocolate milk and read the year's worth of mail and magazines I have waiting for me.

So there you have it.... that is my plan until August. All I can say about the time after that is I plan to spend it with friends & family eating food and having fun. Those are my priorities. I have nothing more planned nor will I until I am good and ready sometime in August. (Allie, Whit, Lo, and Linz, I have a list of fun for us ;))


Allie said...

I judge you for not planning on buying more stuff!! You deserve it after everything you've been through!!

Dowdi said...

I'll cut your hair for you...I cut my own all the time. Muwahahaha.....