Tuesday, May 06, 2008

First Things First

I take my food and reading material very seriously and when I discovered my favorite candies and English magazines at one stand, I was so excited!

My first restaurant meal. I am definitely certain the Cheesecake Factory serves up amoeba free salads. Que Rico!!

It was good to see the portions haven't changed at all in my absence.

Delicious Yuengling beers....I cannot wait to go back.


KB said...

The amazing thing is that I ate that whole grilled cheese sandwich and the yummy dessert that we shared. It is amazing how much you can eat when it is placed in front of you.

Shesabigstar said...

OMG...the food, the beer, the candy...it must have been like HEAVEN for you!

cupcake said...

My friend Ashley commented on how big the sandwich was compared to you. Hahah. I love it! They say you eat like twice as much when it is just tossed in front of you. You just cannot stop.... Oh Cheesecake Factory! I love that place.