Friday, May 30, 2008

The Final Month

As the days keep falling off the calendar, I realize I have one month (about) to conquer the following items on my "last days of Ecuador" list:

1. Eat ceviche
2. Finish my picture project
3. Salsa dance until I cannot walk
4. Finish all the book and Spanish magazines in my room
5. Shop for my "to buy" items I would like to bring home
6. Learn the secret of Cyrano bakery
7. Visit the only museum I haven't seen in Quito yet, Of course I have forgotten the name
8. Visit El Jardin Botanico en Parque Carolina
9. Lose the 10 lbs I gained
10. Get my last $10 manicure at the Swissotel - HooDoo VooDoo is calling my name
11. Eat sushi at Tonoshi - apparently it is the best
12. Conquer my 6,000 Spanish word book
13. Play Canasta with Ash, Brook, and Jefe until I get my fill
14. Visit the donut lady in Old City one last time
15. Return to Cuenca for Ella time and arepas
16. Hit the only two beaches I think I will like here
17. See blue footed boobies in Isla de la Plata
18. Go to the dentist
19. Learn to make my Ecuadorian favorites
20. Plan my return vacation to Eucador but not as a volunteer and with spending money.

Galápagos next June anyone?

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