Monday, April 28, 2008


From el Lechero

Bufandas in a multitude of colors. My collection is now at 10 including one from Peru. I might catch up to Ashley before July.

I bought myself some nice glass earrings. I look forward to acquiring some more before I leave.

Lots of spices although, I am not sure who uses them because Ecuadorians sure don't.

These are secretly deadly if you do not wash them and vitalin them before you consume.

We spent a nice day in Otavalo, a small city three hours north of Quito where the largest artisan market in South America, a few Saturdays ago. It was very interesting even right down to the pie we ate after lunch. More to come later...


Dowdi said...

very colorful

Allie said...

Love your photos in the last few posts. Gorgeous!