Friday, April 25, 2008

Baños, Ecuador

More pictures from our weekend getaway in Baños courtesy of Sly.

They cut the sugar cane up into small slivers for you to chew on. It is quite sweet and not my favorite but rather pretty nonetheless.

Baños is known for its hot pools fed by the hot springs, which come from the volcano and are said to have healing properties. Sly and I jumped into the pool full of Ecuadorians. It is kind of like big public pools. After biking more than 30 km, it was so nice!

A dilapidated house we found along our ride. One of Sly's favorite doors.

We lit candles for people at the local church. I am not Catholic but surely appreciate the grandeur of the churches in this devoutly religious country.

We ate at Casa Hood several times because they had delicious vegetarian food and real chocolate chip cookies. I could not eat another bite after breakfast.

This is the bridge that crosses the Pailón del Diablo Cascada in Baños.

This was the beginning of our trip. I promise I did not fall off the bike after waving. I cannot remember the last time I road a bike. It was so much fun.

We finished our trip and hopped in the back of a truck to get a ride back to Baños but the driver was in no hurry to get us back. We ended up jumping out and riding part way in the pouring rain until a chiva picked us up. We should have saved the $17 massages for the end of the trip instead of the beginning.


Dowdi said...

I like that picture of you next to the window.

cupcake said...

Sly loves to take candids of me when I am not looking. Any picture where I am being ridiculous or not paying attention, she snaps a shot. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.