Monday, March 24, 2008


Friends, family, countrymen!!! COME VISIT ME! Sly and I have planned some fabulous vacations for our remaining three months here (assuming I do not stay...which I am considering.) It will be a blast. This is an amazing country with so much to offer. All of you should think about coming to live la vida loca with us!!! There is plenty of pan de yuca to go around :)


Shesabigstar said...

Wow, things must have turned around greatly since I chatted with a week and a half ago...that is not the same you that was on the phone!! But yay, you seem excited...I'm glad!!

cupcake said...

I am no longer dying a horrible death. Plus, all those nights out dancing until 4 or 5 will make a girl happy :) You should come visit. It is going to be a blast these last three months.... or more.... hehehe. I miss you!!