Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lies we tell our taxi drivers....

I spent the weekend with Sly in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, which was fabulous. It was nice to get out of Quito for four days. On Sunday, we spent a good 20 mintues trying to find a taxi driver who knew where the Botanical Garden was. We finally found one who charged us a fair price AND knew the location of our destination so we were on our way. As soon as we hopped in, Sly asked me who I wanted to be today. This is a little game she plays with the taxi drivers here. Apparently it is perfectly accpetable to lie to them. I had all I could do not to die laughing while she rambled the most outrageous lines of BS to this poor man. Turns out she was from England and I was from France. The two of us were married to Ecuadorian brothers (LADIES, YOU ARE ALWAYS MARRIED HERE!!!!) who were from Quito, which resulted in our friendship. Sly did an outstanding job of convincing the man she had five children: three Ecuas and two Brits. The lines of garbage effortlessly rolled off her tongue in a rather admirable and fantastic fashion. I was in awe of her prowess and had all I could do not to blow our cover by laughing hysterically. The taxi driver was convinved we spoke Castilian Spanish, which was really confusing for us because I am pretty sure we pronounced our "c's" and we were speaking rather slowly. Maybe it was the proximity to Spain from the homeland... However, I do know that my taxi rides from now on will never be dull.


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Dowdi said...

That's'll have to show me how to do a french accent while speaking Spanish.