Saturday, February 09, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar...or Grandmother in this case

So beginning last weekend through Tuesday was Carnival. It just so happened that the abuela's birthday fell on "Fat Tuesday". We headed over to her house to celebrate her special day. All was normal for the first half hour. We greeted everyone, sat down to chat, and I received the newspaper from the abuelo as usual. Eventually the children were moved by the spirit of Carnival and took their enthusiasm out on each other in the courtyard. They were COVERED in espuma, a.k.a. very intense foamy silly string. Not too long after, the the uncles and fathers joined them. My host mom was also in on the action, as she is rather fond of the children and fun. The rest of us sat at the table in the kitchen drinking beers. Aunts, sisters, the abuela, cousins, and I were in the kitchen when all of a sudden one of the men came in with a huge can of espuma and DOUSED the kitchen and all if its inhabitants. IT WAS EVERYWHERE!! I will never forget the laughter that came of out of the abuela's mouth. She was completely pink with foamy chemicals laughing hysterically. That was the beginning of the war. The espuma led to water, which then led to flour. The house was a disaster and totally cloaked in liquids and powders. I spent a good half hour hiding in the bathroom with my host dad's sister. We were soaking wet with cold water and trying to keep the others from adding flour to the mix. Just crazy!!! So what started as an innocent party for the grandma turned into a Carnival celebration that included the entire family. I thought I would avoid all this by staying away from the city of Guaranda where they do this for four whole days straight but with buckets and more liquor. Once again, my host family never ceases to show me a good time.

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