Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My requests

So I have a few requests for you back in the States. There are a couple items I cannot buy but must have because they are limited edition and I enjoy good snacks. All you have to do is make a small purchase, set them aside for little old me, and I will pick them up when I get home. I will also bring a nice gift from Ecuador for you for your troubles.

Here they are and yes they all pertain to food and drink:

1. Wild Cherry M & Ms. Apparently they are limited edition until April. Any size bag will do. I just want to try them because I heart cherries so much.

2. Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper. I believe Whit took care of this but a few more cans will not hurt me. Again, I heart cherries and just want to try it. This is also on the shelf for a short time.

3. Girl Scout cookies. I do not discriminate my friends so please oh please take pity on my plight and load your freezer with a few boxes of deliciousness. I will love you forever.

4. Rachael Ray Magazines from now until June. I know, I know.

5. Red hots. Yum. The only thing better than cherries is cinnamon.

6. Candy hearts. Like the little conversation hearts. Big or small doesn't matter.

I am sure I will add more when Easter rolls around and I cannot buy Cadbury Eggs.

That is all I can think of for now. I truly feel a little out of touch with things there. I only get to read news on the Internet and to watch the Hong Kong British version of CNN. Therefore, I really have no idea what else I am missing out on. Feel free to inform me. I miss you guys and love you dearly.

Muchias gracias por todo!!!


Shesabigstar said...

Can any of these things be mailed to you? I'm happy to do that if I can. BUT, I'm NOT getting the Girl Scout Cookies...uh uh, no way, no how...not gonna happen. You know first hand how I am with Girl Scout Cookies...these would not last until July for you, nor would they last until June, May, April, or the end of March. They'd be gone within a week...and you know that.

I'm happy to tackle the other items on the list though!

cupcake said...

thank you my dear! only four more months until margaritas, assuming i do not do anything stupid.