Saturday, February 16, 2008


I saw this movie last night. I actually bought the dvd this week. It is Ecuador, don't ask. I LOVED it. Very funny and cute. Defintely watch it.

At the end of the movie, none other than my favorite John Mayer has a song and I thought it was very pertinent to my life now so without permission, the song is

"Say what you need to say

Take all of your wasted honor.
Every little past frustration.
Take all of your so called problems,
Better put 'em in quotations.

Say what you need to say

Walkin' like a one man army,
Fightin' with the shadows in your head.
Livin' up the same old moment
Knowin' you'd be better off instead

If you could only...Say what you need to say

Have no fear for givin' in.

Have no fear for giving over.
You better know that in the end
It's better to say too much, than never to say what you need to say again.

Even if your hands are shaking,
And your faith is broken.
Even as the eyes are closin',
Do it with a heart wide open.

Say what you need to say

Say what you need to, Say what you need to..."

I look forward to buying the cd when I get home.


Anonymous said...

hey rach. thinking of you. hope all is well, hang in there! love,linz

cupcake said...

hey linz i cannot wait to see you hun!!