Saturday, December 15, 2007

Table for 52?

Don't mind me, I'm just hanging out with my amoebas and bronchial bacteria trying not to get robbed. Needless to say, this week has been interesting.

Part 1: "How not to get robbed."
Last Saturday around 7:15 p.m., my friend Liz and I were heading to a new restaurant a couple of blocks from her house when two very short and nervous Ecua men approached us asking "only for money" (in Spanish of course). One of the guys reached for Liz's bag and she pushed him out of the way. It all seemed to happen very slowly. I was quite proud of how we reacted to the situation though. I have to say my dojo skills did not fail me, as I did not say anything and watched both of the mens' hands for weapons. The men were my height (i.e. short) so I was not afraid of them because I noticed neither used their hands properly nor did they have anything potentially dangerous in their hands, which meant they were just punks trying to get money from gringas. As I tried to decide which male's ass to kick first and started to reach for one of their arms, Liz pushed the other out of the way. I then responded by saying we had nothing and they ended up just walking past us. Both of us stayed calm and acted in very appropriate ways. I think it helped that Liz responded differently than I did. They got scared and left. So we survived our first attempted thievery unscathed. Go us. Don't freak out. We are fine and unafraid.

Part II: "Table for 52?"
Yesterday was the first awful health day I have had here. I will spare you the details but let's just say it was not pretty. I called my Field Directors to see if they could get me into the doctor. Within an hour, I was off to his office where he impressively diagnosed me with amoebas and a bacterial respiratory infection (Thank you host family. Do you think next time you could take your violently coughing daughters to the doctor before they spread their germs to me and maybe sometime before one month of hacking persists.) Gross. Just gross. As if I want to share my small intestine with a colony of organisms, especially while bacteria inhibit my lungs. At least I now know why my stomach was growing exponentially. I have always had a well rounded bottom but never a gut before. Lovely. Luckily, a four dollar Pzifer pill is suppose to do the trick. I hope it kicks in soon because I would like to have my middle section back to myself thankyouverymuch. I bet that makes you want to kiss me now, huh????


red said...

WOW. So glad you're okay. Well-handled.

Allie said...

How's the belly feeling? Hopefully all the visitors have left the building!

cupcake said...

Thanks ladies, I finally feel like my I have my stomach all to myself. Now I'm just paranoid about food. It's only chocolate, popcorn and coca cola for me :)