Friday, September 07, 2007

Don't Freak Out, OK??

On Wednesday night, I arrived at my host family’s house in North Quito only to find my host dad speaking to neighbors in the street. It was around 8:30 p.m. and I was a leery about him being outside, as he told me not to walk around after 9. As I approached, he grimly spoke very rapidly about something that sounded like tips. I had no idea what he was saying in English or Spanish. He went jogging up the driveway, which is NOT him so I followed. I figured out what happened when he showed me the FIVE broken locks on the back door and saw the fridge gone. Turns out, my host family was robbed. Everything electronic was gone: the tv, the computer, the cd player and the FREAKING REFRIGERATOR!!!! Yet the thieves (which apparently was what he was trying to say in English when he said ‘tips’) broke into the two gated doors, the two back doors and the upstairs door (we have a steel door between the downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs, well it is a third world country). He insisted I run upstairs to check my things. My mattress was flipped over and the covers were thrown everywhere. One of my suitcases was empty, as the clothes were dispersed on the floor where they landed. By some stroke of extreme luck, the second suitcase was locked and untouched. This big black monstrosity contained my passport, camera, zip drive, and $200 cash. It sat peacefully on the floor near the window. The thieves could take a big ass fridge full of food but somehow managed to overlook my bag. (THANK GOD!). They also managed to leave two HUGE hand prints on the window. If this was the U.S. that would have been exceptionally stupid, but this is Ecuador and it means nothing because they do not have the technology to lift the prints. I am going to find a way even if it takes me some time. I refused to let anyone touch them.

The family has two daughters who are 3 and 5. The little chica was asleep but Frances, the older one was still up and was very upset because they manage to swipe her bike from the back. Understandably, she was very upset about what happened and refused to go to bed until my HM laid down with her. They took the bike but not the DVD player or the washer, which are commodities that seem to be as important as a fridge full of food, well one would think anyway.

We assessed the rest of the damage then my HD looked at me very seriously and asked, ¨Do you like pizza¨ in his best English. I had all I could not to laugh. The three of us sat down to a nice pizza dinner with Coca Cola. It was the strangest evening I’ve had in awhile.

I had been at my host family’ amazingly fortified house (or so it seemed) for three nights before they were robbed. I just cannot get over the refrigerator thing. Really, no one saw a big ass GE leave the house???

It is going to be a very interesting year.

Worry not, we are moving to my HM´s mother´s house this weekend where we’ll have a guard. Should be fun. I promise to keep you posted. Oh and whatever you do after reading this, DO NOT TELL MY PARENTS!!

In all sincerity though, all is well.

Stay tuned, I went hiking up an ENORMOUS mountain today and have pictures I’ll post soon.


Shesabigstar said...

I can't even deal right me when you can...or I'll let's make a gmail chat date for Monday. Ryan has soccer until 7 on Monday, but I'll be home after that.

Whit said...


Oh my gosh! Get to that place with the guard, STAT!


Allie said...

Maybe you should have specified when you prayed to the universe for adventure?

Good thing they didn't get your passport because we do need you back in the States at some point!

Be safe! Love you!

Anonymous said...

...let the adventure begin! im glad everything worked out okay sort of and you have all your stuff...i'm so excited for you and cant wait to see pictures--take lots!-linz

Never Give Up said...

PLease put your pass port in a safe deposit box and call your sister because she would like to say happy birthday to you. What is Where can I send money to give to you and i forgot what else i want to say. I've tried and tried to get in touch iwht you and this SUCKS

Krista said...

Ground up pencil lead and some packaging tape can capture finger prints pretty well.

Crazy story. I'm up visiting Danny and Krista. She just showed me your blog. Crazy stories. Glad to hear you're still alive and well.

See you at Christmas?

-David (Danny's brother)

cupcake said...


Thanks for the advice. How's DC? I miss you guys so much! I hope all is well and I'm working on getting home for Christmas!