Monday, July 09, 2007

Oh How I LOVE the Harry Potter Series...

On July 1, I started reading the Harry Potter books in consecutive order to ensure I was fully prepared for book seven, which is released later this month. I read book one in a day. I read book two in a day. I read book three in two days, and I read book four in two days. I have two more books to go to accomplish my goal, but Hogwarts is so much a part of my life these past few days, I can hardly imagine life without Harry, Ron, or Hermione. Honestly, part of me does not want to read book seven. If the book goes unread, I can keep all the characters alive in my mind as I wish. This is not to say they won’t live there regardless, but they will live there as I remember them with the possibility of being and doing anything. No one dies and Ron, Harry, and Hermione stay best friends forever-alive and well waiting for another year at Hogwarts. While this seems completely ridiculous and unreasonable to some, it is a feeling I am certain most fans share.

J.K. Rowling is a creative genius. I have never read more riveting works of fiction, and I have already read more than most will in a lifetime. Her amazing attention to detail is astounding. Her characters are touching and admirable. It is a pity these stories will come to a close this month. The one quality I love most about these novels is the friendship between Ron, Hermione, and Harry. I cannot express enough how much I fiercely love this trio. (Not to mention my small crush on Ron Weasley). I wonder if J.K. Rowling will have the heart to start another series. I doubt I would be able to for fear of betraying the delicate intricacies of the preceding masterpiece.

While I am engrossed in this series, I do not want to do anything but delve into the pages. I want to be at Hogwarts sitting at the Gryffindor table listening to the three darlings discuss what is next in their adventurous lives. If I had to choose any character in fiction I would like to be, I would pick Hermione Granger hands down. As far as favorite series goes, Harry wins without a doubt even next to Nancy and Sherlock.

I do not know how the story will end...but I do know I wish it did not.


Shesabigstar said...

I'll second the LOVE Harry Potter. When you called me this afternoon and was sharing your stress over the series ending, my first thought was that Harry means as much to you as Kenny does to me...that's BIG!

cupcake said...

Ron, Hermione and Harry are my friends! I just can't imagine not having them around!!!

Ross Douglas said...

As a resident of Edinburgh (Where J.K Rowling lives) I can exclusively reveal that in book seven Harry dies, Ron becomes a crack addict and OD's (His last words are "Fuck me, now that's what I call magic") Hermione rebels against both the muggle and magic societies and becomes a hooker in Diagon alley where she sells her body for $$$'s.

How Harry dies I cannot reveal as J.K swore me to silence.

Hope you enjoy the book when it comes out.

Allie said...

Ross, that's just cruel. You shouldn't toy with poor Cupcake's heart like that!

I myself also love the Potter. (Although it took me the same amount of time to read book 5 as it took Cupcake to read 1 through 4 and start 5.)

Long live Harry!!

Ross Douglas said...

No offense was meant and I'm sure my dear friend cupcake will forgive me pulling her leg a tad.
I must admit that I too am a bit of a potter fan having read the first book to my neice when it first came out and fully intend on reading all the books back to back when the final part is released.

cupcake said...

Haha Ross, I actually thought it was funny. Can you really picture Hermione as a hooker on Diagon Alley? Spectacular.

Reading them all together is the best way to go with these books. I hope you don't wait too long after the 7th book is released because people are obviously going to give away the ending.

You better believe I'll be one of those nutters sitting outside borders at midnight July 21st. I don't plan on sleeping that night :)