Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Many Thanks to my "Fan Club"

Friday night, I tested for my sixth belt in karate and for my last belt before I leave for Ecuador. I was fortunate enough to have my friends Amanda, Allie, and Lindsay join the audience. Having them there meant a great deal to me. They saw some very talented martial artists (my ukes) and were able to see where I spend the rest of my time when I am not with them. I was inspired by their presence, and made sure to put forth my very best effort. Luckily, I passed my test to earn the next belt, gave a quality performance for my "fan club" as my senseis so eloquently put it, and incurred a battle wound to commemorate the experience. I fear they may not be persuaded to join the ranks of karate martial artists after seeing the grapefruit sized hematoma on my left shin, which seems to be healing rather nicely in it's 10 inch by 5 inch plot on my leg. Next time, I'll make sure to adjust my sparring gear before I start fighting. Despite the injury, it was an amazing night.

Lindsay has some great pictures of the evening I'll share when she has the time to send them my way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to come watch ladies. I cannot express how awesome it was to have you there!


Ross Douglas said...

I would like to extend my heartiest contrafibularities to you in gaining your new belt. Hope your injury gets better.

Take care.

cupcake said...

Aloha Ross,

Thanks bunches.

Allie said...

Cupcake pretty much became my hero as I watched her kick ass in her test. It was a blast to watch!!

cupcake said...

Ahh Thanks!!

I'll be your bodyguard anytime :)