Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Without a doubt, July 4th is my absolute favorite day of the year not to mention my darling of the holidays. Not one of the other dearly beloveds hold a candle to this day in my eyes. Not even my birthday. Paul Revere is one of my heroes, and every time I go to Boston, I try to put a penny on his grave. My signature would have lunar eclipsed John Hancock's, and there is no doubt I would have lead the Boston Tea Party. The fireworks make me so excited I can hardly breathe. As we stood in the pouring rain tonight, I could barely think of anything that would keep me from celebrating this glorious holiday. Not even the dead car that sat in my driveway for most of the day.

Allie and I grabbed breakfast at the local store then landed by the pool for the remainder of the afternoon. I finished the second Harry Potter book and started the third. And after we soaked up our fair share of the sunshine, we headed south to get some food at a famous little pub on the water. Of course no holiday would be complete without a little treat so we walked through the quaint Main Street to the "Candyman" shop to get fudge. I indulged in salt water taffy, two pieces of fudge, a dark chocolate peanut butter cup, and a chocolate pumpkin truffle, all of which cost me more than my lunch. And despite my small stomachache, it was well worth it.

So the car...Allie arrived at my house in the morning so we could travel to the beach together. We gathered in my car to leave first thing, however, after many attempts, it would not start. For the life of me, I could not figure out why. The battery is new, the starter and alternator are new..I was cursing the god forsaken thing all morning until Allie told me we should forget about it until tomorrow. It should not ruin my favorite holiday of the year. I did my best to overlook the P.O.S. After our food adventure, she dropped me off at home to freshen up before the fireworks. I walked by the car, gave it a swift kick to the bumper, then for giggles, I jumped in and tried to start it again. It would not even roll over. I put it in the accessory mode, tooted the horn, then turned the ignition again. Vroom, it started just like that. I was so excited I went for a little ride around the neighborhood basking in my temporary good fortune. (If you know of anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle, please tell him or her I'll sell them a wonder for a GREAT deal...)

My day was shaping up to be awesome. I picked Allie up for the night's festivities. We climbed the hill just in time to catch the beginning of the pyrotechnics. I summoned my friend Alex as he was walking by us. He, Allie, and I stood in awe for the half hour show. It was fantastic.

We trudged to Andrew and Lindsay's for a visit, then headed home. On the way, Allie and I decided to make a list of the locations where we'd like to see the fireworks on Independence Day in the future:

1) Boston
2) Philadelphia
3) D.C.
4) New York

What an awesome day! YAY! Happy Independence Day & Happy Birthday America!!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

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