Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today is my blog's birthday. One year ago today, I started writing here because I was dying of boredom at work. It is astounding that a year has passed. The thought of not commanding this corner of virtual infinity seems incomprehensible. I'm making a green tea and berry cake in celebration, YAY!

The year in review:

July 2006 ~ As a result of being displaced as a vagabond, bored at work, and lacking good chat buddies, I started "For the Love Of Fireworks".

August 2006 ~ The phrase "Why not?" plagued me, which prompted the beginning of my career as a martial artist. I cannot imagine my life without the dojo or karate.

September 2006 ~ Ah, the Jersey shore with my second family (Hi Bethy and Mrs B!). Lovely times. My birthday was a disaster with the exception of the two hours I spent at the restaurant with the few friends who celebrated with me.

October 2006 ~ I ventured to the Midwest to visit Mr. Brownie Sundae for a four day weekend. I cried the entire way home. Not one soul asked me what was wrong nor did they sit in the empty seats next to me (I had three all to myself). The following day, I bought my POS car from a friend (Never do this people. NEVER EVER.) and applied to be a volunteer for World Teach.

November 2006 ~ I ate too much at Thanksgiving dinner. Kissed a boy with whom I went to high school, which prompted an unnatural series of events that remain the foundation of numerous jokes. And vowed to give up boys completely starting on Dec. 1.

December 2006 ~ While dancing by myself at a bar, I met Mr. Houdini. I had the worst Christmas I've ever had in my entire life as well as the worst New Year's Eve EVER. My aunt and uncle secured the spot of my most favorite family members as a result of their awesomeness during this month.

January 2007 ~ The farmhouse became my sanctuary. I drank lots of champagne, watched an astounding number of movies, and became addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I cut off all my hair.

February 2007 ~ My sister almost died in a car accident. Mr. Brownie Sundae and I started talking again. I had a snowball fight with a very cute boy from "The County". After seven weeks of being MIA, Mr. Houdini decided to resurface. Erin and I survived the blizzard.

March 2007 ~ I spent the majority of the month trying not to die. I passed my blue belt test despite how awful I felt, which taught me I can do pretty much anything after surviving that Saturday. The dojo was saved, Villanova played basketball, the wall was born, the Mouse Massacre began, and I saw the Celtics from a luxury box.

April 2007 ~ Hannah was born in a car the day before Easter. I gave up Mr. Brownie Sundae because he was "making a mess again". Erin celebrated her birthday in true BigStar style. Our house flooded and remained a disaster for three months. The Pillsbury Bake-off finally removed its grip from my life.

May 2007 ~ Whit celebrated her birthday. Mr. Houdini reappeared in the bar. I spent quality time with Kate in California where I saw Alé walk for the first time. My favorite aunt and uncle spent quality time with me parading around Boston. Welcome back Mr. Brownie Sundae. I was confirmed as a volunteer for World Teach Ecuador.

June 2007 ~ Lots and Lots of movies. "For the Love of Fireworks" was referenced online at the WSJ. KB came to visit me. BigStar and I fought off a burglar. Nick and Lindsey had a bridal shower. I'll refrain from commenting on my parents.

July 2007 ~ YAY HARRY POTTER AND HOGWARTS!! I got my next belt in Karate, as well as a hematoma that still looks like someone took a bat to my leg despite the three weeks that has passed. The infamous Red became my official blog friend. I quit my job! Oh and BigStar's life long dream came true.

Alas, It's been a pretty good year!

Thank you all for visiting. I certainly appreciate your two cents. May we have many more great years.

P.S. I'm looking for a creative graphic designer...I know exactly what I want if anyone has any recommendations.


Shesabigstar said...

Oh my gosh...reading all of that in a time line makes it seem like this year has passed by!! Happy 1 year blog birthday!!

cupcake said...

I feel like this year flew by. I still have a difficult time writing 2007 desite the 8 months I've had to get use to it.