Monday, July 23, 2007

"For the love Of Africa"

Now that I've finished the Harry Potter Series, I am at a loss for what to do with myself. It is amazing how much time one can make for something she enjoys. I decided against jumping into another book, as fiction would only overwhelm me at the moment. Luckily a pile of shiny patient magazines beckoned me from my perch on the end of my bed yesterday afternoon. The July Oprah won first place prize for most interesting so I picked it up and headed to the beach.

I found a snug spot away from high tide where I settled in to read about Sveva Gallmann. Apparently, this gorgeous and amazing TWENTY SIX year old woman lives in Kenya where she is the peacemaker for disputing tribes, leads the Four Generations Project, and spends her days on the Gallmann Africa Conservancy founded by her Italian parents. She discovered healing properties of a Kenyan plant from observing rhinos in the wild. She proved her theory while studying at Oxford. She speaks languages of which I've never heard such as Pokot and Samburu as well as Italian and English. Sveva is invited to tribal celebrations older than my country and is frequently the guest of honor. Drinking goat's blood is not above her. Miss Gallmann has undertaken the daunting task of recording and understanding the tribal traditions of the Kenyan people. She has developed a curriculum to help the new generations understand their predecessors and is a champion for treading lightly on the earth. Conserving the natural environment and habitat of Kenya is another priority of hers. Instead of continuing, I will assume you've been humbled enough already, and therefore just suggest you try to find yourself a copy of this issue to read the article. (I'd be happy to mail a copy to those who'd like just the article.)

Reading this article while sitting at a four star resort on the New England coast mourning the loss of Hogwarts made me feel like a schmuck. SHE IS OUR AGE!! I am in awe of her motivation and devotion to such an unbelievable cause. She has done more in her quarter century lifetime than some do in 100 years. stories like hers are truly astonishing. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a life.

(picture from the GAC website)

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