Thursday, June 28, 2007

"What should we have for dinner...?"

Monday, BigStar stayed home from work because she had a case of strep throat. I got home after karate to find her slightly distraught after spending the day home sick with the muchachos. She greeted me by asking, "What should we have for dinner?" I looked at her then reached for the pantry door. I opened it to find boxes of spaghetti and a box of pancake mix. I pulled out the latter and responded,

"We could have pancakes..."

"Oh that sounds good. And beer. I'll go to the IGA to get beer," She eagerly volunteered.

"Pancakes and beer?" I questioned.

"Yes." she replied.

Sure why not.

I started on the pancakes while she went out to get frosty beverages. When she returned, she plopped the six pack down and with a big ole smile said, "I got us dessert, too." A box of 100 calorie hostess cupcakes jumped out of the grocery bag. I looked at her, the beer, and the pancakes very unsure of the combination before me. I picked up the box of cupcakes to check out the ingredients. The list included your typical processed and genetically modified content only nutritional companies like "Hostess" could supply, however, there was also an item on the list that baffled me. Beef fat. Yes, you read correctly. These cupcakes had beef fat in them. Gross. Just gross. I pointed out this fact to BigStar, who responded,

"Oh please, I'm sure we've had worse things in our mouths" with a stern look.

I am guessing she wasn't talking about the brominated vegetable oil in the half cup of Mountain Dew I drank the other day.

(We got sodas out of the machine on Sunday. I uncharacteristically bought a Mountain Dew-it was only 65 cents! Upon drinking half the can, I read the ingredient list, which listed 'brominated vegetable oil'. I immediately threw the can away. It was my last Mountain Dew.)

While she did have a point, I draw the line at beef fat in my cupcakes thankyouverymuch.

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Shesabigstar said...

I'm just saying, that's all. I stick by my original thought that we've had worse things in our mouths...and that's all I'm going to say about that.