Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thoughts on My Awful, Awful Day Yesterday:

"Even though I know,
I don't want to know,
Yeah I guess I know,
I just hate how it sounds."

~ Finger Eleven, "One Thing"

I am happy to write today is a new day. As my second favorite man in history once wrote, "Finish each day and be done with it." AMEN.

Instead of dwelling on the horrendous afternoon/evening I had, I'd like to take a moment to ruminate on the positive things that happened for which I am immensely thankful:

1) Allie answered the telephone and consoled a sobbing cupcake quite amazingly.

2) BigStar cracked me up, as usual, with her "well he is a story" and other wise musings about the events of the day and my parents.

3) I finally finished an analysis at work that took me six months. WOOHOO!

4) I listened to Mat Kearney's new CD with the song, "Undeniable," which I super heart at the moment.

5) I had eggs for breakfast, finally.

6) Someone told me I looked like "black cherry ice cream" in my outfit. I am taking it as a compliment.

7) Karate class was phenomenal. I happily accept the nickname, "show-off". Oh, and now I get to bake a chocolate cake for our friend, David, who earned his black belt this past weekend. Congrats!!

8) Lindsay and Andrew gave me lots of wonderful hugs.

9) Andrew made a fabulously delectable dinner to enjoy at their new home. Not to mention an outstanding gin cocktail I cannot wait to drink again!

10) Mr. Brownie Sundae made me laugh before I fell asleep.


Allie said...

Anytime Miss. Cupcake...anytime. You've done the same for me on multiple occassions!

Delphi said...

mr brownie sunday? i thought he was out of the picture....

Chris said...

Who on earth is Mr. Brownie Sunday?

cupcake said...


I don't know. It appears he likes to make messes, and I like to torture myself by partaking in them. For some strange and unidentifiable reason, we cannot seem to leave each other alone. I tried.


See here. I'm certain you can guess who he is.

Allie, thank you. I will make sure to look for two bedroom apartments as soon as I get to Ecuador.