Tuesday, June 26, 2007

“I’ll be ok once we get to the airport”

Sunday morning, KB and I took advantage of our time sleeping on the clouds by leisurely lingering in the exquisite beds for a bit. Neither of us was hungry so we did not feel rushed to move. Eventually, the day beckoned when I pulled the shades open to find bright blue skies and vivid sunshine. My excitement swelled at the sight of the cloudless day. We gathered our things and eagerly began our morning by stopping at another local diner for a meal. I love this hidden gem with its no frills yet satisfying food. We grabbed some tasty breakfast and then headed to Back Bay for a stroll around the 3.5 mile boulevard. KB marveled at the lack of water in the bay as a result of low tide. I tried to explain most of the water drains from the little estuaries when the tide goes out, then it comes back in later. Therefore, it is not uncommon for bays or parts of the harbor to be empty at some point during the day. Of course, this is weird to those who do not see it all the time. Luckily, there were not too many strange things around here to detract from her visit. I think.

After our walk, we headed to my favorite place ever: Whole Foods. I’m in love with this particular store. I will miss it like a child misses her teddy bear, and I swear if I go bankrupt, it is because of WF. We purchased refreshing cold beverages to take to the beach. (I recommend the carbonated 100% fruit juice ‘Switch’ in mango. It’s delightful.)

Once we arrived at the resort, we sat by the pool for a bit until it was too unbearable in the sun. We took the party to the ocean where KB refused to put her feet in the brisk water. (It’s a little chilly for the faint of heart.) The two of us basked in the serene afternoon until it was time to go.

In an attempt to make one last tourist visit, KB almost missed her plane home. I would love to admit I was trying to make her miss it on purpose but I had no such intention because I knew her husband would be sad if she didn’t make it. I grossly underestimated the amount of people “from away” who would be out partaking in the same endeavor, which added an hour to our journey. I am still not sure why I felt she needed to take a stroll through my favorite beach town down past the former president’s house but it made sense to me at the time. After crawling through the crowded waterfront towns, we finally made it to the highway 1 hour before she had to BOARD her plane, which was about an hour away without any interruptions. Needless to say, we were cutting it close. Air Cupcake took off in an attempt to ease KB’s anxiety. When we finally hit the Logan Express twenty minutes from the airport and a half an hour before her boarding time, she told me she’d “be ok once we got to the airport.” Despite the fretting, she indeed made it to her gate five minutes before boarding. I have to say I’m REALLY glad we checked her in online and printed her boarding pass before we left my house. Phew…

I was very sad to see KB leave. It was so good to see her it made me miss her more. I had such a great weekend showing her around, eating great food, reveling in the sights and gabbing away. These visits remind me to take more time to be with special friends I do not see very often. I vow to do so as soon as I return from my adventure.

For the rest of you wishing to make a trip, I’m sure KB will urge you to do so. Come play in my backyard! I promise to get you to the airport in a timely fashion, and to make the trip worth your while!

(P.S. KB, I can’t wait to visit you before I leave!!)

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