Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Foreign Film Frenzy

It appears foreign films are taking over my life. I've watched so many in the last month or so, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever find my way back. Luckily, all of the movies I've watched have been exceptionally impressive. I do not have one complaint about any of them. They are provocative, intriguing, and captivating. I want to watch each film again. Here is a brief list of the foreign films or films that take place in foreign countries you might like to check out:

This movie is about a couple who moves to Africa where the wife uncovers a drug scandal. It's fascinating and very enlightening. Once again, it makes you wonder how we can have so much here (like 15 different kinds of shampoo) in America, but they have so little there in Africa (too many things to include). It is astounding and despicable. The acting in the movie was superb; definitely a must see.

"The Sea Inside" is a fantastic movie about a quadriplegic who fights the Spanish government in an attempt to be able to kill himself. Javier Bardem wonderfully portrays Ramon Sampeidro's attempt to fight for Euthanasia. As a HUGE fan of Mr. Bardem, I have to write it is one of his best performances, and for that alone, you have to see this movie.

"Tsotsi" is a phenomenal movie about a South African man who lives a violent life as a gang leader. The remarkable story is about six days of his life where he encounters events that force him to make a decision about the kind of man he wants to be. "Tsotsi" truly is an amazing tale you will not regret watching.

"The Dancer Upstairs" is an outstanding movie about one man's attempt to save his country from a terrorist. Javier Bardem plays the police officers who is caught in the middle of his country's tragedy where he meets a Dancer who forever changes his life. This movie is one of my favorite movies. When we watched it, I nearly died the entire length of the feature from the thrilling suspense of what would happen next. Once again, Javier dazzles the viewer with his flawless performance.

The Trois Couleurs Trilogy is one of the best groups of movies I've ever watched. I could not stop until I watched all three of them in one sitting. I devoured each story as if I would never get to watch another movie. They are so impressive, you do not even notice the French and Polish conversations. I commend the director on his use of actions over words. These movies were beyond impressive.

"Bleu" is the first movie in the French Triology. It is about a woman who survives a car crash, while her husband and daughter did not. In her grief, she discovers many secrets about her married life with which she poignantly deals. This movie induced my intrigue with French women. I was captivated with her throughout the entire viewing. "Bleu" is a captivating and lovely tale you do not want to miss.

"White" is the second movie in the trilogy about a Polish man whose marriage to a French woman (just as intriguing) fails miserably. He spends the movie plotting revenge and cultivating a richer life. I admit this Polish man was a genius. The viewer could not help but empathize with him and admire his brilliant plan, which changed his life. Another fantastic movie.

"Red" is the final movie of the series. It was also my favorite movie. Kieslowski quite exceptionally brought the trilogy together in this piece. The story is about a young Swiss woman who accidentally discovers a neighbor is invading the privacy of others. I was glued to my seat watching the events of this movie unfold. An American film maker could never portray a society as astutely as Kieslowski does with these works. I highly recommend watching the entire trilogy.

More Spanish films:
"Live Flesh" is another Javier Bardem movie worth watching. It's directed by Pedro Almodovar and showcases his ability to create a crazy yet delightful film. The story involves five people whose lives are so entwined you wonder whether or not they will ever resolve the conflict in which they are involved. Almodovar definitely entertains his audience with this one.

"Entre las Piernas" is yet another Bardem movie showcasing his ability to be one of the most attractive Spanish men ever. He is a sex addict trying to overcome his addiction when he gets involved with a woman who is also an addict. Their lives get complicated by Bardem's work. I love Spanish foreign films because you can always count on them to be bizarre yet believable. You will find quality entertainment in this feature.

Happy viewing. Let me know what you think!


Allie said...

Javier, Javier, Javier...

So sexy....

cupcake said...

Absolutely, I would have his babies. I wouldn't even need you to carry them. I would endure the nine months myself. Holy cow he's hot.

Janet said...

Great list! I'll add some to my Netflix queue. Thanks!

cupcake said...

Aloha Janet! You're welcome. I highly recommend the Trois Couleurs Triology at least. Really good movies. It was nice to take a break from all the predictable feel good Hollywood movies.