Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Congratulations to Lindsey and Nick

Last night, Allie, Jeremy, Amanda, and I trekked home to attend Lindsey and Nick's wedding shower. We all have known Nick for what seems like forever. I met him in seventh grade when my friend Kelley had a crush on him. Nick, Kelley, and I sat in the front row of Social Studies class with Mr. C. Our friendship was sealed that year, as we have been friends ever since. Nick was my best male friend in high school. He always provided quality entertainment to our circle of friends. All the ladies loved him, as his friendship and comedic relief were unrivaled. He made fantastic mix tapes, and I happily admit I still have all the "buddy" mixes he made for me. (Actually, we all do.) These musical wonders safely reside in the console of my car. We went to concerts together with Pat and the awesome Mrs. R. He was my lab partner in AP Chemistry, which was probably the only time I ever got a higher grade than he. Of course, he did better on the tests. We also led the French Club for awhile until I was distracted by Physics. And on more than one occasion, we all could be found playing pool in the basement at Forest Park. I can honestly say I'm pretty sure Nick is one of my mom's most favorite people ever. I swear she would have traded me for him in a heart beat if Mrs. V would have let him go.

Nick and I went to prom together, which is a decision I will never regret. I chose to go with my best friend instead of my boyfriend at the time. Nick was an excellent date. Needless to say, Nick is still a friend while the other boy is a sweet memory. In college, I did not see Nick or keep in touch with him as much as I should have. However, he made time to be my Valentine my senior year. I drove to visit my mother at our condo in North Carolina right after Mr. Brownie Sundae and I broke up. Nick kindly took me to dinner and provided much needed solace as well as one of his famous hugs. I think that is the most wonderful thing about him: his ability to express his friendship and love. He is always there for his friends and would do anything for them regardless of the extent. He is the solid rock always available to those he loves. He's known what he was going to do since he was born. He's known where he was going to go since he was walking. For these steadfast characteristics, I have always been in awe of him. He wanted to go to Duke, therefore, he went to Duke for undergrad, for Med school, and now for his residency. He exemplifies achievement as a result of determination and hard work. I admire him tremendously.

Last year, Nick was introduced to a wonderful Southern Belle, Lindsey. Their story is one for a lovely Hollywood movie. Of course Nick won her over on a picnic in splendid Nick fashion. She's a little bit sassy, open, warm, friendly, and exceptionally pretty. The grace and ease with which she's entered Nick's inner circle is more than enough reason for us to keep her. Welcome Lindsey, and Nick, nice work! I know I speak for the rest of the circle when I say I could not be more happy for the two of you. It is nice to know he is in good hands. Best Wishes for your marriage, congratulations on your new home, and of course for the residency in which we all know you will tremendously succeed. I have no doubt the two of you will "confound" and "delight" for as long as you reside here on Earth.


Shesabigstar said...

He sounds wonderful...almost as wonderful as our husbands, who just so happen to be away at the moment!

Allie said...

Nick was my first 'boyfriend'. Dang...did I miss out! ;-)