Saturday, June 30, 2007


For making me realize I CAN make decisions, I am a fabulous cook, I can be quiet when necessary, I am a good listener, I don't have to run around all the time, I make friends no matter where I am or with whom I am, I do stand for something, I do not mind my "limited wardrobe," being far away and absent are two different things, there is no sadness friends cannot cure, and no matter what, my life is pretty amazing.

(may you have shots of whiskey in celebration and kisses from a sweet girl while standing on a dock)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"What should we have for dinner...?"

Monday, BigStar stayed home from work because she had a case of strep throat. I got home after karate to find her slightly distraught after spending the day home sick with the muchachos. She greeted me by asking, "What should we have for dinner?" I looked at her then reached for the pantry door. I opened it to find boxes of spaghetti and a box of pancake mix. I pulled out the latter and responded,

"We could have pancakes..."

"Oh that sounds good. And beer. I'll go to the IGA to get beer," She eagerly volunteered.

"Pancakes and beer?" I questioned.

"Yes." she replied.

Sure why not.

I started on the pancakes while she went out to get frosty beverages. When she returned, she plopped the six pack down and with a big ole smile said, "I got us dessert, too." A box of 100 calorie hostess cupcakes jumped out of the grocery bag. I looked at her, the beer, and the pancakes very unsure of the combination before me. I picked up the box of cupcakes to check out the ingredients. The list included your typical processed and genetically modified content only nutritional companies like "Hostess" could supply, however, there was also an item on the list that baffled me. Beef fat. Yes, you read correctly. These cupcakes had beef fat in them. Gross. Just gross. I pointed out this fact to BigStar, who responded,

"Oh please, I'm sure we've had worse things in our mouths" with a stern look.

I am guessing she wasn't talking about the brominated vegetable oil in the half cup of Mountain Dew I drank the other day.

(We got sodas out of the machine on Sunday. I uncharacteristically bought a Mountain Dew-it was only 65 cents! Upon drinking half the can, I read the ingredient list, which listed 'brominated vegetable oil'. I immediately threw the can away. It was my last Mountain Dew.)

While she did have a point, I draw the line at beef fat in my cupcakes thankyouverymuch.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

“I was a little bit famous for two days.”

I dropped KB off on Sunday and headed to Chipotle to cheer myself up with a burrito. I ordered a sizzling veggie fajita burrito stuffed with a tremendously exciting amount of goodness. I relished in half of it and saved the other half for lunch the following day. I wanted to prolong my joy for as long as possible. It worked.

After dinner, I arrived home a little deflated. BigStar greeted me and eagerly requested details of my lovely weekend. I gave her an overview of our fun then sat at the computer to distract myself. I was stunned to discover my blog was directly referenced at the end of Joe Morgenstern’s Wall Street Journal Online column about movies. At the bottom of the article is a link to “blog posts about this topic.” On Saturday and Sunday, mine was RIGHT THERE. UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!! I was so excited I could barely believe it. I started dancing around the room and made Erin take a picture!!

Holy cow I was a little bit famous for two days. The link was to my “Foreign Film Frenzy” Post. It is still there, but under “More Related Content” then click on “more.” Holy cow, I’m flabbergasted and quite humbled. YAY, Miss Cupcake!!

Ok, I’m back now. I recommend checking out his column. I have read a few reviews since discovering it this weekend. I enjoy his insight and honest opinion. I look forward to viewing some of the movies he recommends.

Don’t forget to watch “Trois Couleurs” people. I told you they were good!

(P.S. To help with the confusion about the hair. It has been short for six months now. Remember? And worry not, it was only straight for two days and now is back to its usual unruly curly self. Apparently, BigStar thinks I look like I'm 13. Great. But who cares! I was a little bit famous!! Now go watch some of those movies!)

“I’ll be ok once we get to the airport”

Sunday morning, KB and I took advantage of our time sleeping on the clouds by leisurely lingering in the exquisite beds for a bit. Neither of us was hungry so we did not feel rushed to move. Eventually, the day beckoned when I pulled the shades open to find bright blue skies and vivid sunshine. My excitement swelled at the sight of the cloudless day. We gathered our things and eagerly began our morning by stopping at another local diner for a meal. I love this hidden gem with its no frills yet satisfying food. We grabbed some tasty breakfast and then headed to Back Bay for a stroll around the 3.5 mile boulevard. KB marveled at the lack of water in the bay as a result of low tide. I tried to explain most of the water drains from the little estuaries when the tide goes out, then it comes back in later. Therefore, it is not uncommon for bays or parts of the harbor to be empty at some point during the day. Of course, this is weird to those who do not see it all the time. Luckily, there were not too many strange things around here to detract from her visit. I think.

After our walk, we headed to my favorite place ever: Whole Foods. I’m in love with this particular store. I will miss it like a child misses her teddy bear, and I swear if I go bankrupt, it is because of WF. We purchased refreshing cold beverages to take to the beach. (I recommend the carbonated 100% fruit juice ‘Switch’ in mango. It’s delightful.)

Once we arrived at the resort, we sat by the pool for a bit until it was too unbearable in the sun. We took the party to the ocean where KB refused to put her feet in the brisk water. (It’s a little chilly for the faint of heart.) The two of us basked in the serene afternoon until it was time to go.

In an attempt to make one last tourist visit, KB almost missed her plane home. I would love to admit I was trying to make her miss it on purpose but I had no such intention because I knew her husband would be sad if she didn’t make it. I grossly underestimated the amount of people “from away” who would be out partaking in the same endeavor, which added an hour to our journey. I am still not sure why I felt she needed to take a stroll through my favorite beach town down past the former president’s house but it made sense to me at the time. After crawling through the crowded waterfront towns, we finally made it to the highway 1 hour before she had to BOARD her plane, which was about an hour away without any interruptions. Needless to say, we were cutting it close. Air Cupcake took off in an attempt to ease KB’s anxiety. When we finally hit the Logan Express twenty minutes from the airport and a half an hour before her boarding time, she told me she’d “be ok once we got to the airport.” Despite the fretting, she indeed made it to her gate five minutes before boarding. I have to say I’m REALLY glad we checked her in online and printed her boarding pass before we left my house. Phew…

I was very sad to see KB leave. It was so good to see her it made me miss her more. I had such a great weekend showing her around, eating great food, reveling in the sights and gabbing away. These visits remind me to take more time to be with special friends I do not see very often. I vow to do so as soon as I return from my adventure.

For the rest of you wishing to make a trip, I’m sure KB will urge you to do so. Come play in my backyard! I promise to get you to the airport in a timely fashion, and to make the trip worth your while!

(P.S. KB, I can’t wait to visit you before I leave!!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

KB comes to visit

One of my roommates and best friends from college, KB, came to visit me this weekend. I was so excited I was bursting at the seems the entire drive to the airport. I picked her up Friday night where we spent a nice car ride exchanging secrets, updating, and analyzing. We reminisced about the days of living together at Villanova and how we had the best time in college. We giggled and whispered like school girls until we finally arrived at one of my favorite hotels:

I promised her earlier in the week to make sure to take her out for a bit on Friday even if she was tired. We dropped off her bag and hit the town. I took her through the cobblestone streets past all the local late night hot spots. Since Andrew was working, I brought KB in to meet him. Sadly, he and Linz were not around for the rest of the weekend to join us on our adventures. We said hello then made our way to the local pizza shop where we grabbed slices before making our way back to the hotel for the night.

On our way to the room, we encountered a sobbing girl in the hallway. Apparently, she was having a mental breakdown because she didn't have her room key. I kindly informed her to go to the front desk to get another one. She thanked me profusely and then headed in that direction. We both agreed it was the strangest thing; I mean seriously, is it necessary to sob uncontrollably in front of the door because you do not have your key? It is not like you lost an appendage... Sometimes people baffle me. Anyway, the hallway quieted and we eagerly dove into our beds for a slumber party. Can I just tell you how awesome the beds are at the Hilton? I'm sure KB will concur. It is what I would imagine sleeping on a cloud would be like. They are divine. We both relished in the soft blankets and squishy pillows before we fell asleep, which lasted two hours until my phone rang at 3:15 in the morning. Apparently Mr. Brownie Sundae had indulged in too many rum and cokes (which he doesn't even like) with his friends on his rendez-vous to our nation's capital. Ladies and Gentlemen, in all the years I've known him and in the time I spent as his girlfriend, not once had I ever received a drunk dial from him (this phone call made two in a month). To be completely honest, I have seen him play beer pong with his mother but, I have never even seen him drunk. When we were in college, he didn't even drink so you can imagine what a treat it was to be awoken in the middle of the night only to have to run into the other room to listen to drunk boys yammer away for a solid 15 minutes. Not only did I have the pleasure of listening to him, but I also spoke to his friend, who I knew from college, and his friend's friend, who was a stranger. Needless to say, they provided quality early morning entertainment.

Saturday morning, I trotted off to karate while KB explored the downtown for a bit. When I returned, we had breakfast at Big Mama's, which is a lovely diner hidden away on a cobbles toned side street. We enjoyed a nice meal, which we followed up with a walk. She likes walking as much as I do so I took her all over the peninsula. We left the diner and headed a mile up to the promenade so I could show her all the little islands, the train, and the bay.

It was chilly and cloudy yet still beautiful with all the little boats in the harbor and the gorgeous older homes lining the street. Luckily, we did not have to walk along the water far, as I was afraid we were going to blow away because it was so windy, which is very unusual. I did not want KB to go home with the impression it was cold here...

We walked down the main streets of town, past the little shops, parks, and friends' homes. We ended our walk at the Annual Greek Festival held at the local Greek Orthodox church where we hovered by the tent waiting for Allie. Despite all the delicious food available, we settled on this dessert whose name I could not pronounce so I made up my own, which I yelled aloud at the festival without thinking. "Oh my gosh, look fried balls!!" Allie added the sticky part when she saw them pour the honey on top. Fortunately, no one noticed my blunder except the girls. The honey fried dough was scrumptious.

I decided to make us tourists for a bit by making KB visit the lighthouse, which is one of the most famous in the world. We leisurely drove through the streets of the small town that features our prominent attraction.

We masqueraded as tourist with all the people "from away."

She posed for us.

Allie and I were reminded of how lucky we are to live here.

We attended more important business after viewing the lighthouse. Allie and I took KB to our favorite ice cream shop, where they make their own soft and hard serve ice cream in tons of delectable flavors. I had blueberry; Allie had refreshing Lemon Chiffon Pie; and KB had chocolate. We devoured our treats and meandered around the corner to my favorite resort where we lounged by the pool before heading to my house.

The three of us stopped by chez cupcake before returning to town to get ready for dinner. Unfortunately, I did not have my house key because I did not drive. However, BigStar left the windows open so I had the pleasure of climbing into one of the front windows in a skirt facing one of the busiest roads during tourist season. Ironically, I was a burglar in my own home. I think I have a hematoma on my knee now from the incident. I gave a tour and gathered some things so we could get ready for our night on the town.

Allie dropped us off at the hotel where KB introduced me to the Discovery Channel's show "Deadliest Catch." I was immediately fascinated. Instead of taking a nice leisurely rest before dinner, I let the stories of Alaskan crab catchers captivate me. This is precisely why I do not watch tv. I could see how the Discovery Channel could take a vice grip on my soul.

We finally pried ourselves away from the show to join the others at dinner. Katie, Kevin, Allie, Amanda, KB and I convened at the local Mexican watering hole were we had the longest meal ever. All I have to say is that it's a good thing the food was good. I swear they trekked straight to Mexico to get it. The waitress came out to apologize by saying, "Sorry. I was in the kitchen for ten minutes." Ok, what about the other fifty-five? Despite the wait, we had a lovely time. Of course, I put my foot in my mouth more than once but I think Katie scored the most "can't take me anywhere" points by disappearing to watch bull riding at the Civic Center.

The group finished up dinner in time to gallivant over to watch the local 80s cover band play at our favorite bar with the light up dance floor. I think this is where KB was traumatized most. We tried to explain to her it wasn't our regular hang out spot, but she just shook her head and went along with us. I vowed to make sure friends who come to visit in the future stay for at least four nights, as to avoid such incidents going forward.

Katie, Kevin, Amanda, and Allie

KB and Miss Cupcake

We spent the rest of the evening happily dancing until we decided it was time to head back to our clouds.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Don't forget to do something fun to celebrate the longest day of the year :)

I view today as a kind of holiday. May we all have a lovely summer.

Miss Grateful lounging by the Pool

Nearly two miles from my house lies this smug little resort, which happens to be where my friends and I play. Saturday after karate, I immediately dialed up Allie to see if she wanted to head to the pool with me for the day. She eagerly agreed to meet me at my house at lunch time. We grabbed sandwiches and salty bits from the local shop, then headed around the corner where we spent the remainder of the day lounging by the pool soaking up the glorious rays of the afternoon sun. It was fabulously amazing. Honestly, I have never felt more grateful in my entire life. I wanted for nothing at all. We both decided our lives were pretty awesome. I could not have been happier. For what more could a girl ask?

Monday night, after I made my decision to remain with BigStar until I leave in August, I called up the girls to see if they wanted to join me again at the pool. Amanda, Allie, and I headed back to the resort where we basked in the sun setting while leisurely wallowing in the warm water. This was, yet again, another magnificent adventure in the lives of the Triangle. (Of course, ice cream was involved, too!)

I am surrounded by such an abundance of good fortune I am often dumbfounded by it. How on Earth did I ascertain such a life? Everyday I thank my ever so lucky stars for all the wonderful beauty in my daily existence.

Last night, I was reminded once more of how extraordinary life can be. I babysat for a Dutch family staying at my favorite resort. This was the second time during their stay I "watched" their child. Basically, the child slept the entire two hours I was there. I didn't even meet him. Instead, I listened for him from the porch overlooking the lovely Atlantic Ocean. The air was cool and crisp as it danced over me while I took in as much as I could. I could hear the soothing sound of the waves quietly washing over the beach. The experience left me clean and revived until I felt a little chilly and headed back inside. I grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen where I was distracted by all the funny looking candy the family had brought with them from the Netherlands. I instantly felt a cloak of excitement fall over me. I could not help but smile because I remembered there is a whole world out there for me to explore. New foods, new people, exciting places, and exceptional events just waiting for me to experience them. I walked around the dinning and living rooms taking in all the thrilling foreign items laid throughout the villa. My enthusiasm for languages was renewed as I curiously leafed through a book written in an unfamiliar text. I realized there is so much more out there, and I belong out there. This extremely friendly family did more than put money in my hugs and kisses jar, they rejuvenated my desire to indulge the adventurer in me. Now I can finally answer my Aunt's question, "you are going to give up all this?"

Yes, yes I am.

However, you better believe I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. So grab your swim suit and join us by the pool. It is going to be an outstanding summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Brotherly Love

I'd like to take this moment to show off Isak and Hannah, two of my most favorite muchachos. Aren't they cute? I am going to miss them and their parents when they leave...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Foreign Film Frenzy

It appears foreign films are taking over my life. I've watched so many in the last month or so, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever find my way back. Luckily, all of the movies I've watched have been exceptionally impressive. I do not have one complaint about any of them. They are provocative, intriguing, and captivating. I want to watch each film again. Here is a brief list of the foreign films or films that take place in foreign countries you might like to check out:

This movie is about a couple who moves to Africa where the wife uncovers a drug scandal. It's fascinating and very enlightening. Once again, it makes you wonder how we can have so much here (like 15 different kinds of shampoo) in America, but they have so little there in Africa (too many things to include). It is astounding and despicable. The acting in the movie was superb; definitely a must see.

"The Sea Inside" is a fantastic movie about a quadriplegic who fights the Spanish government in an attempt to be able to kill himself. Javier Bardem wonderfully portrays Ramon Sampeidro's attempt to fight for Euthanasia. As a HUGE fan of Mr. Bardem, I have to write it is one of his best performances, and for that alone, you have to see this movie.

"Tsotsi" is a phenomenal movie about a South African man who lives a violent life as a gang leader. The remarkable story is about six days of his life where he encounters events that force him to make a decision about the kind of man he wants to be. "Tsotsi" truly is an amazing tale you will not regret watching.

"The Dancer Upstairs" is an outstanding movie about one man's attempt to save his country from a terrorist. Javier Bardem plays the police officers who is caught in the middle of his country's tragedy where he meets a Dancer who forever changes his life. This movie is one of my favorite movies. When we watched it, I nearly died the entire length of the feature from the thrilling suspense of what would happen next. Once again, Javier dazzles the viewer with his flawless performance.

The Trois Couleurs Trilogy is one of the best groups of movies I've ever watched. I could not stop until I watched all three of them in one sitting. I devoured each story as if I would never get to watch another movie. They are so impressive, you do not even notice the French and Polish conversations. I commend the director on his use of actions over words. These movies were beyond impressive.

"Bleu" is the first movie in the French Triology. It is about a woman who survives a car crash, while her husband and daughter did not. In her grief, she discovers many secrets about her married life with which she poignantly deals. This movie induced my intrigue with French women. I was captivated with her throughout the entire viewing. "Bleu" is a captivating and lovely tale you do not want to miss.

"White" is the second movie in the trilogy about a Polish man whose marriage to a French woman (just as intriguing) fails miserably. He spends the movie plotting revenge and cultivating a richer life. I admit this Polish man was a genius. The viewer could not help but empathize with him and admire his brilliant plan, which changed his life. Another fantastic movie.

"Red" is the final movie of the series. It was also my favorite movie. Kieslowski quite exceptionally brought the trilogy together in this piece. The story is about a young Swiss woman who accidentally discovers a neighbor is invading the privacy of others. I was glued to my seat watching the events of this movie unfold. An American film maker could never portray a society as astutely as Kieslowski does with these works. I highly recommend watching the entire trilogy.

More Spanish films:
"Live Flesh" is another Javier Bardem movie worth watching. It's directed by Pedro Almodovar and showcases his ability to create a crazy yet delightful film. The story involves five people whose lives are so entwined you wonder whether or not they will ever resolve the conflict in which they are involved. Almodovar definitely entertains his audience with this one.

"Entre las Piernas" is yet another Bardem movie showcasing his ability to be one of the most attractive Spanish men ever. He is a sex addict trying to overcome his addiction when he gets involved with a woman who is also an addict. Their lives get complicated by Bardem's work. I love Spanish foreign films because you can always count on them to be bizarre yet believable. You will find quality entertainment in this feature.

Happy viewing. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Howdy, Neighbor...

Coincidence? Just call me the Queen. Seriously, this is not a joke. I'm having anxiety about it. Here is the story...

In April, we had a great deal of rain that caused flooding and a horrible mess on our first floor. The carpet was soggy, moldy, and disgusting. Of course the landlord, being the genius he is, did nothing to remedy the problem. Fast forward eight weeks and this is what we still have:

only worse because he came by yesterday to tear out the heating unit on the floorboard and threw the carpet back. (At least he cleaned up the water.) I keep insisting BigStar withhold the rent, but she won't for some very strange and bizarre reason I cannot understand. Anyway, Lindsay saw the disaster and insisted we move immediately for fear of the mold factor on the carpet and in the walls. I realized she was probably right. She offered for me to go stay with her and Andrew, which I graciously accepted. Since then, I have been working on the logistics of when would be best to put all my crap into storage and what I will need for the next couple of months. While I was contemplating the details of my move, Lindsay and Andrew got a new apartment on the other side of town. I helped them move in on June first. Unfortunately, I was already familiar with the neighborhood and particularly her neighbor to the right. As it turns out, Lindsay's porch and kitchen window directly face none other than Mr. Houdini's bedroom. I almost died. Um.. do you guys think you could have picked a worse apartment into which to move as soon as you acquire me as a roomie? I would have moved in with them sooner, but for the last 13 days I have been contemplating whether or not I want to put myself in the position of watching him enter his house with another girl, which happened last Wednesday. So, I stay where I am only to endure the mold or do I move in with one of my favorite couples who live next door to the most awful person I know? People, I could throw a microwave at his window it's that close. It makes me very uncomfortable... what to do...what to do...Why does stuff like this always happen to me?

Mold or Mr. Houdini...This is hard.

Instant Karma: Save Darfur CD

On June 12, 2007, The "Instant Karma" cd was released in an effort to raise funds to stop the genocide in Darfur . For a preview of the cd, please see the mixtape on my sidebar to the left. Go buy the CD. You're saving someone's life. It has never been so easy...

Monday, June 11, 2007

Burglar! Burglar!

Last Sunday night, I arrived home around 11:30 p.m. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, then crawled into bed because I was beyond exhausted. While I was listening to the rain and wind outside, I spotted a shadow walk in front of my window. I froze. The dark figure slowly walked past one window then back towards the other before stopping right in front of me and the lock. I watched for one solid minute until the figure moved towards me. I could hardly quiet my pounding heart so I could concentrate on the karate moves I could use to thwart the intruder. I jumped out of bed and ran upstairs, where I almost died because the landlord STILL had not cleaned up the %*^%$@* puddle in front of the steps. I raced into BigStar's room and woke her. I screamed in a whisper someone was trying to break into my bedroom. She jumped out of bed and sprinted to the kitchen window to see if she could spot someone lurking. I was convinced it was the shady neighbor who likes to watch us shower. I put my contacts in while BigStar grabbed a flash light, her cell phone, and a very large sharp knife. Despite its inappropriateness, I could not help but think it was times like these I desperately wished I had Lasik surgery. I vowed to call my optometrist first thing in the morning. BigStar handed me the flash light then nudged me forward. I asked why in the hell I had to go first, as she had the knife. She told me I knew karate and she didn't. I grabbed the flash light and quietly headed down the stairs. We listened for noises but didn't hear any so we turned the corner to head into my bedroom. She and I crawled behind the bed to watch the window. All of a sudden the figure appeared again. We both almost died. I ducked onto the floor, as Erin gripped her knife and proclaimed she was about to have a heart attack. We looked at each other then back at the window.

"Go look at him," she insisted.
"What!?! Are you nuts, you go, you have the knife." I retorted.
With a very stern look, she said, "just go peek out the shade to see who it is."

You've got to be freaking kidding me. I looked at her then back at the figure standing outside my window. I thought for sure I was going to pass out but instead slowly ventured towards the figure. I moved to the side of the window and very deliberately moved one little blind so I could take a look. I held my breath and peered into the darkness. Of course I could not see anything so I lifted another blind and moved closer to the window. I could see a very bright light from the house a quarter mile from ours. Then all at once, I saw it... a large branch dancing in the flood light. It moved up, down, across, and back before coming to rest somewhere in the middle. I pulled up the rest of the blinds just to be sure. There was nothing there. We both fell onto the bed full of relief and adrenaline.

While this might be humorous to you, dear readers, there is no way you could have convinced me it was not a person before I pulled up that shade.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Today is my sister's 25th birthday; May she have the happiest day. In my opinion, any day in California should be a happy day.

I know I haven't written much about her. I think it's because it's personal. I prefer to keep some things to myself, well actually, I think I prefer to keep most things to myself, especially lately. However, on this occasion, I have a few things to share:

She and I could not be more different. I believe we are polar opposites actually, yet, this does not stop us from having fun when things are going well. I'm certain no one makes me laugh harder than she does. She's ridiculously funny. She's technically a genius according to some test, but she prefers to use her prowess in creative endeavors such as modeling and having a good time. No one knows how to negotiate better than she. She is THE femme fatale. When the Greeks invented Sirens, they pictured Miss Sunshine. In addition to striking good looks, she's goofy. I cannot provide an appropriate or a justifiable example except for how she's the only person I know who will try every shade of nail polish on with you in Rite Aid before leaving. Good times. She makes the best nachos ever, too. Oh and she loves to take the worst possible pictures of you to keep in a box to bribe you with later. It's really endearing. Indeed, she plays the little sister well.

I hope you have a fabulous day!! Happy Birthday.

(Hullow! I love you a million blue m & m's.)

(Yay! It's almost summertime :) )

Thoughts on My Awful, Awful Day Yesterday:

"Even though I know,
I don't want to know,
Yeah I guess I know,
I just hate how it sounds."

~ Finger Eleven, "One Thing"

I am happy to write today is a new day. As my second favorite man in history once wrote, "Finish each day and be done with it." AMEN.

Instead of dwelling on the horrendous afternoon/evening I had, I'd like to take a moment to ruminate on the positive things that happened for which I am immensely thankful:

1) Allie answered the telephone and consoled a sobbing cupcake quite amazingly.

2) BigStar cracked me up, as usual, with her "well he is a story" and other wise musings about the events of the day and my parents.

3) I finally finished an analysis at work that took me six months. WOOHOO!

4) I listened to Mat Kearney's new CD with the song, "Undeniable," which I super heart at the moment.

5) I had eggs for breakfast, finally.

6) Someone told me I looked like "black cherry ice cream" in my outfit. I am taking it as a compliment.

7) Karate class was phenomenal. I happily accept the nickname, "show-off". Oh, and now I get to bake a chocolate cake for our friend, David, who earned his black belt this past weekend. Congrats!!

8) Lindsay and Andrew gave me lots of wonderful hugs.

9) Andrew made a fabulously delectable dinner to enjoy at their new home. Not to mention an outstanding gin cocktail I cannot wait to drink again!

10) Mr. Brownie Sundae made me laugh before I fell asleep.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


"there is nothing more noble or admirable than when two people who see eye to eye share a house as husband and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends" ~ Homer

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Congratulations to Lindsey and Nick

Last night, Allie, Jeremy, Amanda, and I trekked home to attend Lindsey and Nick's wedding shower. We all have known Nick for what seems like forever. I met him in seventh grade when my friend Kelley had a crush on him. Nick, Kelley, and I sat in the front row of Social Studies class with Mr. C. Our friendship was sealed that year, as we have been friends ever since. Nick was my best male friend in high school. He always provided quality entertainment to our circle of friends. All the ladies loved him, as his friendship and comedic relief were unrivaled. He made fantastic mix tapes, and I happily admit I still have all the "buddy" mixes he made for me. (Actually, we all do.) These musical wonders safely reside in the console of my car. We went to concerts together with Pat and the awesome Mrs. R. He was my lab partner in AP Chemistry, which was probably the only time I ever got a higher grade than he. Of course, he did better on the tests. We also led the French Club for awhile until I was distracted by Physics. And on more than one occasion, we all could be found playing pool in the basement at Forest Park. I can honestly say I'm pretty sure Nick is one of my mom's most favorite people ever. I swear she would have traded me for him in a heart beat if Mrs. V would have let him go.

Nick and I went to prom together, which is a decision I will never regret. I chose to go with my best friend instead of my boyfriend at the time. Nick was an excellent date. Needless to say, Nick is still a friend while the other boy is a sweet memory. In college, I did not see Nick or keep in touch with him as much as I should have. However, he made time to be my Valentine my senior year. I drove to visit my mother at our condo in North Carolina right after Mr. Brownie Sundae and I broke up. Nick kindly took me to dinner and provided much needed solace as well as one of his famous hugs. I think that is the most wonderful thing about him: his ability to express his friendship and love. He is always there for his friends and would do anything for them regardless of the extent. He is the solid rock always available to those he loves. He's known what he was going to do since he was born. He's known where he was going to go since he was walking. For these steadfast characteristics, I have always been in awe of him. He wanted to go to Duke, therefore, he went to Duke for undergrad, for Med school, and now for his residency. He exemplifies achievement as a result of determination and hard work. I admire him tremendously.

Last year, Nick was introduced to a wonderful Southern Belle, Lindsey. Their story is one for a lovely Hollywood movie. Of course Nick won her over on a picnic in splendid Nick fashion. She's a little bit sassy, open, warm, friendly, and exceptionally pretty. The grace and ease with which she's entered Nick's inner circle is more than enough reason for us to keep her. Welcome Lindsey, and Nick, nice work! I know I speak for the rest of the circle when I say I could not be more happy for the two of you. It is nice to know he is in good hands. Best Wishes for your marriage, congratulations on your new home, and of course for the residency in which we all know you will tremendously succeed. I have no doubt the two of you will "confound" and "delight" for as long as you reside here on Earth.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Sunday night, I had the wonderful experience of watching Will Smith in "The Pursuit of Happyness," which was a severely humbling and touching movie. I have to give Will Smith and his son a standing ovation for their performances in this phenomenal movie. It's a true story based on the life of Mr. Christopher Gardner who is a father and a man who struggles in his pursuit to find happiness. The extend to which he goes, the hard work and the dedication he displays are beyond admirable. Mr. Smith was outstanding in his ability to accurately and heartbreakingly portray the constant frustration and sheer desperation of Chris Gardner's life. Honestly, anything I write here will not do justice to the movie. I strongly recommend taking the time to see this picture. It is more than worth it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Knocked Up

Last night, I had the wonderful experience of watching "Knocked Up" at the local theater. This movie delivered so much more than I anticipated. We laughed hysterically throughout the entire viewing. The humor was well played and seemed "unscripted" on many occasions. The characters were fantastic, the story was entertaining, and the overall event was delightful. I know at least one person who is skeptical of this film, however, I feel he has done far worse. There is no need for skepticism. For the rest of you who are eagerly awaiting, you will not be disappointed.

Go see "Knocked Up." It's well worth the time and effort.

Friday, June 01, 2007


"there is nothing more noble or admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as husband and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends." ~ Homer