Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last night, 'the triangle' took advantage of bargain Tuesdays at the movie theater by watching "Waitress." The movie is about an unhappily married woman who works at a dinner and creates glorious pies. Keri Russell does an amazing job portraying the lost and sad soul of Jenna. The supporting actresses were awesome and hilarious. The doctor was a unique male character who garnered quite the sympathy from our crowd (how couldn't he with all his awkward cuteness?). The song "Goodbye Earl" has taken on an entirely new meaning to me now. Oh and, I have to say I'm inspired to make pies, and I have a secret idea I cannot disclose at the moment.

This movie was surprising, delightful, and hysterical. I was more than impressed with the actors, actresses, plot, and content. I highly recommend viewing it. You will not be disappointed.


Privatjokr said...

Wow, whoever told you about this movie must really be great.

cupcake said...

yes, it was a great suggestion, thank you. I want to make pies now.