Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The "Triangle" in Full Force

This past Saturday night, Allie and I attempted to throw our dear friend, Amanda, a surprise birthday party. Of course, everything possible that could go wrong did. I'm pretty sure Allison will never initiate another endeavor such as the one attempted this past weekend. Aside from the mishaps and the failure to surprise, a group of us ended up gathering for food and drinks. Since it was her party, Amanda decided she wanted to go out on the town for the evening. So be it. We finished up our drinks and cleaned up our snacks. Then, the crew dispersed into a few cars to head over the bridge into the city. We ended up at a local pub that feels more like a high school reunion, but is still fun. Eventually, we were joined by more of Amanda's friends. We snagged a big table and gathered around to enjoy the evening. This is when I was damned for buying two rounds of shots; one of which featured my friend "Jack." Luckily, those were the only drinks I had all night. However, Allie and, especially Amanda, made up for my lack of prowess. I would like to take this moment to thank Allison for her very sweet and innocent rendition of the evening. This is the point in my post where I warn you I am going to refrain from such censorship...

The assembly of compadres celebrating Amanda's birthday were having a jolly time conversing and drinking. The evening was going so well...I was chatting away when I received a tap on the shoulder, then a lean in for a whisper: "Um, he's staring at you." Who?? What?!?! Is he cute?? I look up and low and behold (or high and mighty depending on the angle), there is Mr. Houdini. Seriously, are you kidding me?? I immediately felt compelled to get a drink. I think this is where I was damned for introducing "Jack". I refused to acknowledge Mr. Houdini's existence. I perfected this skill, of which I am not too proud, in college.

About twenty minutes later (still blatantly ignoring), I was talking with a friend from high school, when Mr. Houdini swaggered over to the table, interrupted, and planted a big fat kiss on me in front of everyone in the bar. Ummmm, excuse me but I'm pretty sure the last thing I said to you a month ago was, "You are awful. Never call me again." Did I miss the part where that translated into "Kiss me???" I was very unsure what to do, as I've never been caught off guard in quite that fashion so I just sat down.

He smiled and said, "Hi."
I grimaced and said, "Aloha. I shouldn't even be talking to you."
"No, you shouldn't," he retorted.

Well, I'm glad we established that.

"I came here looking for you." Mr. Houdini admitted.
"Oh, really. Well, you shouldn't have." Miss Cupcake replied.

Then, we chatted for a few minutes until I leaned over to Amanda to ask her for help. She looked at me and laughed, then turned to Mr. Houdini and proceeded to invite him to her party next month. Ahhh, not exactly what I had in mind...

He convinced me to go outside for a minute, as it was exceptionally sweltering in the bar and I don't like to air my umm...dirty public....ahh...hmmm..(this doesn't count so stop shaking your heads!!!)

Of course I did not tell Allie or Amanda I was going outside for fear of getting screamed at. They love me really they do. But I was a bit curious as to WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!

We sat next in the garden in front of the Merrill Lynch building. This is awkward...

I think Mr. Houdini has seen a side of Miss Cupcake no one else has ever seen because I launched into such a barrage of words and questions, he was scared. Honestly though, I've heard it all before. I could do without these games and the stories. I feel like the excuses, explanations, and actions are a broken record I cannot seem to escape. God help the man who genuinely wants to win my affections. I truly worry for him and sometimes fear he does not exist. I never have been mean to anyone in the way I was mean to Mr. H Saturday night. I'm sure it was unfair, but I was tired of the bullshit.

After the smoke cleared, we ventured back to his house to continue our conversation. (Truthfully, I just wanted some ginger ale, and I needed a ride to my car.) We walked up the stairs and noticed a group in his living room. He skeptically said no one was supposed to be home. When we got up there, the neighbors were watching cable and jamming out. Every time I visit his house, I feel as if I'm entering a fraternity. The place is usually crawling with people who do not even live there. The denizens of the pretty old house do not seem to mind the vagabonds who frequent it. I find it so strange. So we went into the back room to proceed with our discussion. After a little bit I heard a knock on the door. I asked Mr. Houdini if he was going to answer it. He said no to which I replied, "do you even know who is in your kitchen?" He replied no again. I got up and walked out there only to be greeted by none other than the friends I had mysteriously left in the bar. I loved them so much in that moment I would have made out with them!!! Oh my gosh it was awesome. Allie gave me the third degree while Amanda, Pierce, et al sat in the living room jamming out to Mr. Houdini's Ipod. Not one person in the room lived in the house. However, we all knew someone who did so figured it was ok. I sincerely was the happiest person in the world when I saw the two of them amongst the crowd. We sang and danced until Allie decided she wanted to go home. I tried to coax Mr. Houdini out of his room, but he declined and crawled into bed. Suit yourself. I waited outside with Allie where I entertained her with karate moves until the taxi for which she was waiting finally decided to show up. Then I went back upstairs to join the group in the living room.

I woke up on a couch with Amanda. I asked her if she had a good night. She gave me a "look" and said, "I woke up in my shoes!!!" (Rumor has it, there is a picture of us somewhere on the Internet.)

Despite how odd it was, I think it was a pretty good night. I love the triangle!!


Shesabigstar said...

I, on the other hand, HAVE to censor myself for fear that if I left a comment, you may never speak to me again!

Allie said...

Um...I beg to differ with you Miss Cupcake. You had two Coronas at my place and I know that at least two gin and tonics were purchased for you at Gritty's. But don't worry... I'm not going tojudge. :-) TRIANGLE!!!

cupcake said...

BigStar: You crack me up. I know, I know. I let his dimples get the best of me. I should know better. What is a girl to do?

Allie: I will give you the Coronas but I hardly drank the gin and tonics at the bar. I believe someone else drank the second one. I am surprised you did not yell!! Oh wait, you showed up to kick my ass. Hahaha. You are awesome.

Chris said...

Well, at least you were mean. I have to give you credit for that part of it.

I'll just stop there for now. I'm sure you'll hear more later.....