Friday, May 04, 2007

Random Ramblings

I finally found something that actually helps with motivation. I had been searching high and low for something to help me get inspired only to discover it serendipitously in the tea section at Whole Foods. I spotted some tea called, "GET CHARGED" sitting on a lovely shelf next to some tea called, "GET GORGEOUS". I looked around to see if it was a trick, but I didn't see anyone lurking. I grabbed one container of each and headed for the check out vowing to give the stuff a whirl first thing the next day.

Fast forward to this morning: Instead of reaching for my normal bag of green tea, I eagerly opened my tea of "GET CHARGED" and flopped a round into my little white mug. I patiently waited the allotted six minutes for it to seep then I dove right in. Holy cow it's good. OH and it works even though there is no caffeine. I feel like I am speed racer today. How excited am I that I found it!!! I highly recommend you check it out. I'm sipping the "GET GORGEOUS" tea as I write. I think it will be awhile before I can tell if it works. I'll keep you posted. (Yes, BigStar, you can have the tin.)


One more thing: I have decided to give up books and new magazines until September 1st. Next to giving up Mr. Brownie Sundae, this is the hardest thing I will have to do this year. I have read over 12 books in the last two and a half weeks alone, so you can imagine my dismay at the idea or maybe you can see why I need to clear the slate. I have so much to do in the next three months I cannot have fiction be a distraction (or Oprah, or Rachael Ray or Cooking Light or Travel + Leisure, etc, get the point?). I have dedicated May as the month of all things French only. June is the month of all things Spanish only. July is, of course, the month of solely Harry, Ron, and Hermione (I will be unavailable July 21 and 22 so please do not even try to talk to me), and lastly, August is the month of learning to teach English as a second language. I need to focus here people. The world is too full of wonderfully distracting things, and I am too easily distracted by such things... It's time I took the bull by the horns, so to speak. The only exceptions I'm allowing are books in French, Spanish, on ESL, or current events in South America. I am keeping the Economist too, obviously. Ummm, maybe old magazines as well, yet I haven't decided. Either way. This is the plan. I am giving all of you permission to yell at me if I break my plan. Ok, here goes....

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Shesabigstar said...

Yes, I desperately want the tin. I think I may even have to splurge the $10 for the tea...maybe it would help break my $1.70/day coffee habit.