Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Movies, More Movies and Movies

More mentionable movies from my fun filled weekend.

First, Friday night we watched "Little Children" starring Kate Winslet. She played a bored housewife who happens upon the 'the prom king' at the local playground. The movie has three story lines occurring at once, which makes it a bit busy, however, the production was very good. I have to say I was pleased she and the prom king came to their conclusions independent of each other, which I feel is rare in instances of adultery. Oh, and there's a sultry scene that includes a washer. All I have to say about is he's freaking hot. Anyway, it's an interesting movie you should check out despite the incident with the pedophile.

"Letters from Iwo Jima" is a fantastic film about WWII directed by none other than Mr. Clint Eastwood. I enjoy his work and think he's quite talented. This movie is fascinating in the sense you are so completely wrapped up in the action, you forget it is in Japanese. Seeing a different perspective on the battle is compelling, which makes "Flags of our Fathers" a curiosity for me now. "Letters..." is a long movie, yet it is not gory like most movies about this topic. After watching the film, I definitely can make a case for the futility of war because you cannot help but feel badly for the soldiers and their families. It was evident neither the Americans nor the Japanese wanted to be there. If you don't mind the hopelessness or violence of war, you should watch this foreign film.

"The Illusionist" is another remarkable movie we watched this weekend. Edward Norton is outstanding in his role as the illusionist. He's mysterious, dignified, and amazingly believable. The story is entertaining and intriguing. The viewer is left wondering only one thing...where in the heck can I get a locket like that? OH and please, oh, please explain the illusions to me. "The Illusionist" is worth your time. Go see it.

Ok so my favorite one liners from my dear friends quoted during this movie were:

"Something is not kosher..." ~ umm, yes, perhaps the Chinese men gave it away.

"I cannot tell which body part is which." ~ I think it looked like a hand or a boob...maybe? I don't know! I'm guessing Miss Biel didn't want anyone to see her naked.

"Oh, that old line?" ~ umm, oh please, boys use that line all the time.

"Poor Horse has red on him!!!" ~ I have no comment.

This blues clues notebook is going to be a little scary I fear....


Anonymous said...

if you liked the illusionist you should watch The Prestige...

cupcake said...

I will have to check it out. A few people have mentioned it was good.